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Today we take 5 Minutes with Nicole Valentine Don Clever Creative, actress, maker, stylist, blogger, explorer, treasure hunter and Etsy store Keeper Little Nicki and you can read her blog here or check her here too


how would you describe the look of your home? My home is very relaxed and lived in.  It is full of thrift store treasures, travel mementos and objects I’ve had my whole life.

what’s your favourite thing in your home? my himalayan salt crystal lamp – it emits healthy negative ions into the air and makes the room have that clear, fresh feeling like after a thunderstorm. It may be psychosomatic due to having read of its benefits, but I swear I can feel the good vibrations.  Other favourites include, my new sewing machine and my boyfriend (most of the time 😉

what are you loving right now? Simple things like, reading books and learning about the chakras.

coffee tea or? Cold water and more coffee.

what’s on your shopping list right now? Shopping list?  Coffee beans. Lust List? I’ve been coveting a Japanese Indigo Boro quilt for years.

 favorite thing to do on the weekend?  Taking it slow (if I can); swims, naps and food, mostly.

favourite day of the week? Nothing beats Sunday mornings.

favourite place to shop? Rozelle markets

favorite place to eat? I love Ichi Ban Boshi and Mamak.

what’s your signature dish? I’m good at dips, like Guacamole, or I make a mean tztatziki that you can only eat if you know you won’t be in public for the rest of the day – so much garlic.  Oh, and a delicious baked Atlantic Salmon encrusted with crushed pecans, dill, mustard powder and maple syrup (must be a Canadian thing).

what is your signature drink? Red, red wine. A nice Argentinian Malbec please.

favourite quote? So many! Today, let’s say ‘If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.’ – Erada

 what are you listening to? Fleetwood Mac is a forever favourite, but after seeing Arcade Fire rock out last week in Sydney…they’ve been at the top of my playlist.

what are you working on right now?  I’ve been embroidering dried Banksia leaves, making seasonal flower crowns for my blog and working towards a shoot at my home at the end of the month.  Oh, and learning to breathe.

what/who are you inspired by?  I am inspired by stylists and photographers I work with, creative friends, little kids, nature, pretty pictures, the moon, my little sister…but, above all, my mom is a constant source of inspiration.

what makes you happy?  Mr. Jason Grant asks the big questions!  Hmmm… it doesn’t take much to make me smile, make me giddy even, but I think at the top of my list is knowing my family and friends are healthy.

5 minutes with


Today we take 5 minutes with Makeup Artist Nigel Stanislaus. He has worked with some big names and has recently relocated to the Big Apple! He is a good friend whom I met on set…

How would you describe the look of your home?

A calming palette of creams, grey & bark.

whats your favourite thing in your home?

My Cowhide rug. I love it’s unique buttery brown colour. I named it Marigold.

what are you loving right now?

New York

coffee tea or?
Lemon Juice & warm water.

whats on your shopping list right now?

A really cool jacket from Barbour.
favourite thing to do on the weekend?
I love to cook and invite my friends over. I am originally from Singapore, so expect a robust Laksa or a fragrant curry on the table.

favourite day of the week?

Saturday mid mornings are my favourite because it’s the start to a whole weekend & I always want to consider which markets are the best to go visit!

favourite place to shop?

I love shopping in Soho New York  
favourite place to eat? I would have to say Bali. Sarong in Seminyak is top of my list.whats your signature dishI love all my children, I meant food, equally. 

what is your signature drink?

I am obsessed with Bloody Mary’s at the moment. You say Bloody, I say Yummy Mary.

favourite quote?

People will stare, just make it worth their while.

what are you listening to?

Favourite track at the moment is Paper Tiger by Seabellies.

what are you working on right now?

I am running two projects at the moment. Bits of New York Fashion Week & also about to start Australian Fashion week.

what/who are you inspired by?

This sounds terribly cliche. But I am inspired by my mother. She is one woman that never says die.

what makes you happy?

Sharing a unpretentious meal with friends & family in the summer night while listening to wonderful live music & sangria on tap.

5 minutes with…

This week on 5 minutes we feature my very good friend, collaborator and book Two Photographer Lauren Bamford.
She is a top chick in every sense of the word, immensely talented and totally understated. I can’t wait to start working on the book design and share book two with you later this year, her images bring a new feeling and magic to my style.
Oh she also makes great ceramic that you can see here – in fact theres not much she can’t do!
Im happy to spend 5 minutes (or more) with her any chance I can get I hope you enjoy yours!
how would you describe the look of your home?
It’s in a transition phase at the moment. It was quite ‘cluttered’ before due to my sentimental hoarding tendencies. So at the moment I would say a relaxed mix of vintage and new with an emphasis on art works from friends and relatives.
whats your favourite thing in your home?
A painting from the artist Paul Williams. It was a wedding gift from Paul, made extra special as an exhibition of his back in 2008 was the first date my husband and I went on.
what are you loving right now?
This very moment I am loving the fan blowing in my face and the frozen grapes I’m eating as we are in the midst of a Melbourne heat wave. But more generally, I am loving my obsessive pottery hobby. In the last few days I have acquired an old kiln of my grandmothers, which is a very exciting development.
coffee tea or?
All of the above, plus a lot of Australian sparkling at the moment. What can I say, its summer!
whats on your shopping list right now?
What isn’t? I have a perpetual wish list in my head! The top of the list right now would be a Caroline Z Hurley linen throw.
favorite thing to do on the weekend?
If it’s hot, I love heading down to Mt Martha for a swim. No matter what the weather, I always love spending the day at Heidi Museum of Modern Art with lunch at Cafe Vue.
favourite day of the week?
Friday, since always! There is always that special excited feeling on a Friday afternoon, like a Christmas eve every single week.
favourite place to shop?
Mr Kitly in Melbourne and High Swan Dive in Newcastle. My two home towns.
favourite place to eat?
This varies depending on the occasion, but my favourite pub meal in Melbourne is the counter meal at the Middle Park Hotel.
whats your signature dish?
I’ve always wanted to be known for a signature dish, and each time I make something super delicious I say to my husband “Maybe this could be it! My signature dish!!” At the moment I am angling for a very simple but delicious Potato Gratin, from Stephanie Alexanders Cooks Companion. No matter what, my signature dish will no doubt be some kind of comfort food.
what is your signature drink?
Don’t know if I have one, it’s more likely that I have many signature drinks until I over do them and have to change it up! I love a Negroni, and probably drink far too much whiskey.
favourite quote?
“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize” The late Robert Hughes. Well that’s what I tell myself anyway!
what are you listening to?
The new album by Melbourne band Parading – it’s on repeat!
what are you working on right now?
A variety of photography projects, most excitingly some video work. I’m also in the midst of collating a new portfolio for 2014.
what/who are you inspired by?
Photographer William Eggleston. Not only for his brilliant eye and aesthetic, but also his totally punk attitude. I often channel him if I am feeling self conscious or unsure.
what makes you happy?
Good company, good food, and lots of laughter!


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I’m pretty lucky that I get to meet heaps of super creative types in my day job as an interior stylist, people I work with or just happen to meet. One of my favourite expressions is “Birds of a feather flock together” I believe you meet the people you’re supposed to… and I wanted to share a little bit about them, what they do with and what makes them tick with you (and will do so Tuesday afternoons) First up Sarah Wilson Journalist, Blogger and Author of I quit Sugar

Every Tuesday afternoon i will share with you a different creative and ask them some fun questions

In 5 minutes you can make a new friend, make a change or just take a rest,  Just take 5 Minutes

How would you describe the look of your home?

Minimal with flourishes of sentimentality

What’s your favourite thing in your home?

My new Jardan Leila sofa…it’s lovely and deep and I chose it because Jardan ticks all the environmental boxes I could possibly think of – local, sustainable wood and fabrics and so on.

What are you loving right now?

slow cooking and Sydney Festival

Coffee tea or?

green tea…all day

Whats on your shopping list right now?

Hmmm, a tricky one. I don’t tend to shop a lot. However, I’m about to get some curtains made, using local linen.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

go bush hiking. You can catch up on my adventures around Sydney and the world on my instagram feed @_sarahwilson_

Favourite day of the week?

Mondays…I like starting things.

Favourite place to shop?

Paris…mostly because there’s not a huge consumer culture.

Favorite place to eat?

Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point.

What’s your signature dish?

My Coco-Nutty Granola is a bit of a hit 

What is your signature drink?

A dirty gin martini

Favourite quote?

Where the mind goes the energy flows

What are you listening to?

ABC Classic FM…seriously!

What are you working on right now?

PUtting the finishing touches on our next online 8-Week “I Quit Sugar” Program. It kicks off Jan 30.

What/who are you inspired by?

The words of Victor Frankl, who wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, and poet Mary Oliver always get me fired up.

what makes you happy?

Hiking in hot, dry climates… and eating. I generally try to combine the two as often as possible.