aquabumps take over icebergs pool

Last Thursday Bondi Local legends Aquabumps took over Icebergs Pool, printing and covering the pool with a giant Image 49m x 13m – 24 panels and over 5 hours to install whilst the pool was empty ( the pool is emptied every Thursday) teaming up with Canon Australia this was an incredible installation at one of Sydneys most iconic pools! well done it was an awesome sight to see!

It pays to think/dream big as anything is possible and dreams can be achieved!

new favourite print from aquabumps

As you no doubt know, I live in Bondi and love Bondi Icebergs Pool (just incase you haven’t noticed how many times I post pictures of it on Instagram)

It looks spectacular mosts days with water in in but on those magical days when it is empty it looks out of this world. This print captured by Aquabumps is such a Bondi moment, seen here in situ for a recent shoot to show how the artworks look in each room of your home (because sometimes its hard to imagine)


Photographic Print by Aquabumps

Lifestyle photography by James Geer

Location Jardan Sydney

Styled by Mr jason Grant

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003-Raw950-Dining-Room36 009-MegaRaw2950-Lounge32 011-Raw950-End-of-Table44 013-ROCCY-RAW150-Desk3


new from bondi wash

Brand new from Bondi Wash  add Glass Spray to your kitchen cupboard it’s beautifully fragrant and can be used on all shiny surfaces including glass, stainless steel, mirrors and windows for a streak-free clean. With plant-based ingredients, including our distinctly Australian bush oil blends and will bring you one step closer to a completely natural, non-toxic home.

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winter in bondi

It’s winter here but who would know when the suns out! I promise it gets cold as soon as the sun begins to fade. I love the change in season, Bondi in winter is just as beautiful and a little less hectic than it is in Summer. Living in Bondi is like living in paradise…

Photography Jacqui Turk

MJG wears Bonds T shirt and Bassike pants

Sophia’s collar and lead Best in Park

MJG’s bag from Flamingo Merchant


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assembly label bondi store

I love supporting local and I’m totally into creating a sense of neighbourhood, I get my coffee in the morning from my local I love seeing familiar faces…

Fashion brand Assembly Label has taken up permanent residence in Bondi. Their flagship Bondi concept store is a lesson in minimal but relaxed casual style and they certainly have the plant / fashion balance all worked out. I love the simple white, timber and introduction of greenery indoors into a retail fashion space – yes Im still mad for indoor plants!

Head in store for mens and womans fashion, accesorries, plants and a small selection of home wares.

Assembly Label

221 Bondi Road Boni 2026


Photography Jacqui Turk

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new soaps from bondi wash


Bondi local and MJG favourite Bondi Wash have released a brand new luxurious, triple milled soap containing Australian wattleseed oil. Known for its antioxidant and skin-moisturising properties, wattleseed oil contains high levels of amino acids and minerals which help to promote healthy and youthful looking skin. Completely palm-oil free, the new Soap Bar is available in Scents 1, 2 and 3. To celebrate, Bondi Wash is offering a complimentary Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Soap Bar ($20 value) with any online order over $100, until March 10th.

I love to support Local, small, independents who work hard and do fabulous things. I realise that I am able to share an edit of things I love and share then with you. I’m always looking for new and interesting things to feature – feel free to get in touch! Everything featured on this blog I can guarantee that I actually like (which is the only real criteria) Im a big fan of using Bondi Wash’s products. I can’t wait to try this latest product also, I have been told as a bar of soap – aphobe that this will be good for my skin! – available online from today.

Click here to see their entire range and to purchase onlineJan 2015 Jan 2015 Jan 2015

flamingo merchant bondi


One of my favourite local small businesses is Flamingo Merchant A colourful store  filled with a collection of fashions and items for the home. The store feels like a collection of colours, patterns and texture with touches of tropical and tribal vibes.

Flamingo Merchant Shop 1 284 Bondi Road Bondi Follow them on Instagram here

Photography Mr Jason Grant

IMG_0742 IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0728 IMG_0730 IMG_0732 IMG_0736 IMG_0739 IMG_0733Bondi



Love this Outdoor dining set up spotted kerbside in the back streets of Bondi, complete with tyre swing and vintage Volkswagen too. It brings a whole new meaning to dining alfresco!

Photography Mr Jason Grant

IMG_0514 IMG_0517 IMG_0520

sunday somewhere mr jason grant bondi city guide

Check out the city guide of (mostly) Bondi (of course) I did for Sunday Somewhere

click here to read all about it

Photo Xssat


bills Bondi and interview

Today I am excited not only to feature this interview with Bill Granger  (one of my foodie favourites) but to share that He has Just opened Bills Bondi!




where do you live?

Between Sydney and London.

what are some of your favourites on the new menu?

For breakfast the: sugar cured prawn and spring onion egg white omelette, spiced salsa rosso – delicious and light.

For lunch /dinner: cauliflower and tofu yellow curry, fresh coconut and apple chutney, brown rice and the: shrimp burger with jalapeno mayo, shaved radish, sesame gochujang

Tell me what you love about Bondi?

I love the Bondi neighbourhood. It has such a great energy and has really developed into a food destination. I have all my Darlinghurst neighbours [A Tavola, Messina etc] and other favourites like Maurice Terzini’s restaurants and Sensory Lab coffee.

Twenty-one years ago, Darlinghurst was my local, now Bondi is. Feels only natural to have a place around the corner from home. It’s quintessentially Sydney. I love its mix of roughed up urban beach glamour and down to earth local vibe. What could be more Sydney? A Bronte to Bondi ocean walk, a dip in the ocean and then breakfast at bills. Plus my kids are excited that our neighbour is Messina!

Tell us about the interior of the new Bondi space? /What was the direction /brief given to Meacham Nockles McQualter ?

I wanted it to feel like your dream beach house – pictures hanging on the wall, concrete floors, ratton chairs etc. I wanted it to feel comfortable and light. Meacham Nockles McQualter have again realised the vision at Bills in Bondi by creating a classy, unpretentious interior that is light, spacious and compliments the relaxed modern menu.

how would you describe the look of your home?

Eclectic. 3 kids. Art. Books. Fresh flowers. Fresh food. Social and lively – we are always entertaining.

what is your favourite thing in your home?

The kitchen stove gets the most use.

 what do you collect?

Japanese pottery. I purchase something every time I am in Japan.

 what are you loving right now?

My family. My 14 year old [daughter] has stronger opinions than me!

 coffee tea or?


 favourite street to shop in?

Gould St in Bondi for the organic vege’s and hipster shirts.

favourite place to shop?

Liberty London []  a great collection.

favourite place to eat ( other than Bills)?

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta

what is your signature dish & drink?

Signature dish: Ricotta hotcakes which Gelato Messina has re-imagined as an exclusive flavour available at both bills in Bondi and Messina outlets.

Signature drink: champagne or a green juice

favourite holiday destination?

Hawaii and Cape Cod.

favourite quote?

“80 percent of life is just turning up” Woody Allen

what are you reading?

The Paying Guest by Sarah Waters

what are you listening to?

Whatever the kids are listening to. At the moment that is the Frozen soundtrack.

working on at the moment?

Bills in Bondi

what/who are you inspired by?

Tate Modern Matisse exhibition

Here is an exclusive look at the inside of Bills Bondi designed by Meacham Nockles McQualter

Bills Bondi 79 Hall Street Bondi Beach Now Open!

bills in Bondi ©Anson Smart - 2bills in Bondi ©Anson Smart


Photography Anson Smart