“the cult house”

The Cult House is now open, a pop-up by Cult a temporary concept space wet within a rugged c.1842 heritage terrace in Chippendale’s Kensington Street Creative Precinct showcasing furniture and design objects from HAY, Magis, Anglepoise and Adam Goodrum.

The Cult House open Monday to Friday, from 12.00pm-5.30pm untill 15 September at 46-48 Kensington Street in Chippendale.

Photo Credit: Cult Design (Anne Weisz Mortensen)


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ruutu iittala vases

Im loving the simple shapes and simple styling of these Iittala Ruutu vases click here to see more – sometimes less is definitely more!

Ruutu-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec-for-Iittala-011 Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_468_11 Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_2

winners Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2016

Last week The Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards where hosted in Sydney at The Coco Republic showroom – unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was in Melbourne.

Congratulations to all winners! in particular Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year Fiona Lynch the first Woman to do so! This year it seems was the year of well deserved Woman in Interior Design! with Fiona Lynch taking out no less than three awards! Arent Pyke also taking away two awards on the night!

All the award winners are profiled in Belle’s June/July 2016 issue, on sale today.

Best Residential Interior

Fiona Lynch Balwyn Residence

Fiona Lynch_Balwyn Residence_1__preview Fiona Lynch_Balwyn Residence_2_preview Fiona Lynch_Balwyn Residence_3_preview Fiona Lynch_Balwyn Residence_7_preview

Best Commercial Interior

Woods Bagot Paramount by The Office Space

Woods Bagot_Paramount by The Office Space_05_preview

Best Hospitality Interior

Arent & Pyke Alex Hotel


Arent&Pyke_Alex Hotel_08 of 08_previewArent&Pyke_Alex Hotel_07 of 08_preview

Best Residential Kitchen Design

Whiting Architects O’Grady Kitchen



Best Residential Bathroom Design

Fiona Lynch Hargreaves Residence

Fiona Lynch_Hargreaves Bathroom_4_preview

Best Residential Interior – Readers’ Choice

Arent & Pyke Double Bay House


fred international

Scandinavian furniture emporium Fred International has reopened its Rosebery showroom following an extensive redesign that reimagines the space as two hundred square metres of Scandinavian living in the heart of Sydney.

Renowned as one of Australia’s premiere distributors of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and homewares, Fred International’s Michael Liira (Founder) and Melissa Walker (Managing Director) sought the help of interior stylist Simone Haag and interior designer Angela Harry to transform the space.

Fred International The Cannery, B4, 85 Dunning Avenue. Rosebery NSW

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country road winter 2016

Take a look at the latest from Country Road a subdued and simple winter collection for the Home. I’m loving their mix of cool and warm tones click here to shop

160203_CR_075_PR_Retouched 160203_CR_122_PR_Retouched 160203_CR_213_PR_Retouched 160203_CR_252_PR_Retouched 160203_CR_305_PR_Retouched 160203_CR_313_PR_Retouched

bend good colour lab

Recently my cool LA friends from Bend Goods held an exhibition to showcase their awesome furniture collection, seems they love colour as much as i do! click here to check out their collection Their collection is also available in Australia here

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dinosaur designs celebrate 30 years

CONGRATULATONS to Local Aussie Favourite Dinosaur Designs who are Celebrating 30 years this year. To Celebrate this milestone Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen have released Rainforest to mark the special occasion.

In true Dinosaur Designs style its bold, colourful and optimistic!

Shop the collection online here

photographed by Bart Celestino

dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_earth-bowls_assorted-640x427 dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_large_medium_stone_vases-640x427 dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_stone_servers_malachite_assorted-640x848


the apartment collection by jardan

Jardan a one of the leaders in locally made and designed quality furniture, As part of Sydney Indesign, Jardan released their latest collection The Apartment Collection.

The collection has a distinct focus on small footprint living, lets be honest we don’t all have huge homes! also combining an eclectic selection of materials to create inherently unique pieces.

The standout pieces for me are the Rufus Sofa and armchair upholstered in Denim and I LOVE it!

The Apartment Collection is an exploration into modern living, seeking out ways of creating unique, versatile and personal environments within the confines of smaller spaces.

Head in store to one of the Jardan showroom or check out the rest of the collection online


Jardan_Rufus Chair Denim Jardan_Rufus Sofa DenimJardan_Rufus Sofa Denim (2)

ritual by page thirty three

Ritual is the latest addition to the unique collection that is Page Thirty Three (local favourites of mine)

Im loving their evolution and pared back signature creative style. Bianca and Ryan the duo behind the brand work hard at creating something unique and special, I love the update to their marble oil burner and the new  tripod oil burner.

Click here to see their new catalogue and more of their cool collection


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bend goods

IMG_3469Whilst in LA I met the super cool guys from Bend Goods ( Thanks Daniel!! ) and visited their equally super cool studio ( and i mean SUPER cool)

I love their mid century style and fun use of colours. Founded in 2010, Bend is a design and manufacturing company they design functional products for the home and public spaces, including furniture, lighting and other goods, with a commitment to being innovative and playful i real like their Vibe!

Note Bend Goods collection valuable from Own World in Australia also

click here to Check out their awesome collection

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