new things from castle

Rachel Castle always nails it! I love her fun use of colour in her artwork and bed linen,  she has teamed up with Louella Tuckey ( Stylist) and Lisa Cohen ( Photographer) to capture some beautiful images of her latest collection available here now  makes me want to go back to bed!

weekend (Bondi) photo shoot

This weekend I rendezvoused bright an earlier (5.30am!) for sunrise with Sarah Glover and Photographer Luisa Brimble for a special little beachside shoot in Bondi. It was all dreamy shades of pastels, hopefully its going to make it into Sarah’s forth coming cookbook, so I can’t share too much! I loaded up my Fiat 500x with a heaps of props including a few things from MJG 

Sarah cooked up a storm out the back of a super cute Kombi Van, right in front of the beach, her food is seriously good! and then everyone went for a swim!

Keep your eyes peeled for Sarah’s cook book and follow her on Instagram here

All Photos Luisa Brimble


print straight from your phone with canon Selphy printer

My phone is full of photos ( just like yours I’m sure) I love posting to Instagram but there is something magical about printing out your photos and putting them one display ( creatively) in your space.

The Canon Selphy printer ( available in store at Target and Harvey Norman) is my new favourite gadget that allows you to (easily) print photos straight from you phone.

Click here to read more

Photos Jacqui Turk

Rug West Elm

Table Bludot

Marble Tray Marble Basics


fiat 500x road trip

Over the break I drove road trip to Paradise and back with thanks to Fiat and an upgrade to the Fiat 500x

Heres my top 5 tips for making your road trip great

1.Plan your trip

2. stop often and not just to take snaps but to rest (ok you can stop often to rest and Instagram!)

3. stay hydrated and pack healthy snacks or stop for them – hello road side banana stand!

4. Make an awesome playlist – music is everything on a road trip

5. don’t rush, its better to arrive late than not at all – take your time and enjoy the drive!

All Photos Jason Grant

make your own photobook with canon and photopico

I am excited to have teamed up with Canon Australia to inspire you to print your photos and also put them on display in your home, the first project is making your very personalised photobook

So when you love Bondi, Byron Bay and your Boston Terrier ( Sophia) so much like I do! what better way of capturing these moments than making a special book (my gift to me)

Since I know a little about publishing and making books, I can tell you making your very own (personal book) perhaps for an occasion like a wedding, the birth of a child or an awesome holiday or many more things, is a great idea! What I love about creating these books is they are like a time capsule of a specific moment, a memory to hold onto, somethings tangible to keep and to flick through. I do love being nostalgic – call me sentimental!

Here is my step by step of how to make your own:

Log on to PhotoPico – the easiest part right!
Select photo books in the menu.
Download the design tools.
Select start and then your chosen size and look of your book.
Start laying out – the design tool allows you to easily add, upload and place your own photos in your book. Play around with this for awhile until you get the hang of it – if like me it takes a few minutes but once you get the hang of it its actually really easy – it just takes a little patience.
Save – once your book layout is complete, hit save and order your project and it will be sent to you in approximately seven working days.
I chose a square book as it fit with my images beautifully. It’s now on my coffee table ready for anyone to flick through.

Photography Jacqui Turk

Rug West Elm

Table Bludot

Candle Palm Beach Collection

Cup Dibern from Robert Burton

Glasses Bailey Nelson

Camera Canon

wayside chapel book

I proud to share news that The Wayside Chapel has released a coffee table book, called Wayside.

The Wayside Chapel, in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross, is a meeting place for people from all walks of life — have-nots and haves, homeless and housed, atheists and believers, lost and saved, sick and well. Im proud to be one of their Ambassadors

In Wayside, Reverend Graham Long tackles profound truths about life, death, friendship, hardship and the redemptive power of love. Acclaimed photographer Gary Heery has shot striking black and white portraits of the visitors, volunteers, staff and friends whose paths cross at the Wayside – a place where love famously meets hate. Designed by Andrew Henderson, Wayside is a beautifully curated portrait of our community and reaches right into the soul of Sydney, bringing out all that makes this city unique.

“Wayside is a triumph of community and a testament to the strength and diversity of the characters that call Kings Cross home.  It’s a book where everyone is a person to be met, not a problem to be solved, and we look at Wayside’s wide and impactful reach into the community – from the rough sleepers of the Cross to the lofty heights of establishment,” said author Rev Graham Long.

“These are tales of struggle, pain and adversity but also of triumph, achievement and hope. This place has touched countless lives, from the streets to high society. Turn these pages and you will see what Wayside sees: that, wherever we come from, we are a single community. Wayside is a hub, geographically and metaphorically,” General Hurley wrote.

Wayside features some of Sydney’s most well-known faces, including its ambassadors David Wenham, Claudia Karvan, Indira Naidoo and Kylie Kwong and myself along with supporters Dick Smith, Michael Dorman, Camilla Franks, Luke Sales, Anna Plunkett, Alannah Hill, Akira Isogawa and Reg Mombassa.

Wayside is available RRP $80.00 here  as well as selected book stores nationally.

design-group-photo WaysideJacket2Print.indd


All profits from the sales of the books go back into programs and services to support the most vulnerable members of the community.


new in from mjg

Leather and canvas is a favourite combination of materials, I love how they work together creating a simple, warm yet utilitarian vibe. A few MJG favourites have just landed

Our New Duffle bag has just arrived and our Easy Leather cushion is back in stick ( its proved top be a favourite!

click here to buy online

Photos Jason Grant

img_0799 img_0869

after work swims

img_0954Happy friday!  hoping for another after work swim, Sophia certainly knows how to cool down!

Photo Jason Grant


jac + jack summer

img_0954To celebrate summer Jac + Jack have collaborated with photographer Pierre Toussaint with 3 postcards and also to re create the souvenir t shirt – available in store In Bondi for a limited time only.



new from the fortynine studio

The Desk Top Pot is a new range of indoor pots designed and made by The Fortynine Studio Drawing on the beauty of plants and the simplicity of natural materials, the bold and animated character of the Desk Top Pots brings life to any indoor space.

The design emerged from the problem of keeping indoor plants well-watered, healthy and happy; without worrying about water leaks, condensation, or the constant rotation and moving of pots.

“We really want people to be close to nature in their everyday lives, both at work and at home,” says Ben Elbourne, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio. “In fact, we’ve just installed a bunch of Desk Top Pots at a new Sydney o ce development, which is really exciting for us. The Desk Top Pot encourages a strong connection to nature through both the plants, and the use of raw, earthy terracotta in making the pot.”

The pots are made to neatly t a standard 140mm plastic pot available from any nursery. This allows the plants to easily be swapped out and changed when needed. The feet allow air ow under the pot so there is no build-up of condensation, making the pots safe for any surface. The pots are glazed internally to ensure they are watertight.

The range is handmade by The Fortynine Studio in Marrickville, Sydney. Each pot is hand decorated with slip in various patterns, giving each its own unique character. Harriet Watts, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio says:

“We love working with terracotta, it’s such a beautiful and workable material. It’s really fun making these pots and putting personality into each one. There are moments in the making process when you stop and really think ‘ok, what will work best with the form, character and small imperfections of this piece’”.

The pots use clay from Western Sydney and are once- red using solar power to minimise their environmental impact.

Take a look below at a look inside their process and studio

 click here to buy

Photos Jacqui Turk and Andy Lewis

1-desk-top-pot_desk1_-andy-lewis_lr 2-desk-top-pot_angled_-andy-lewis_lr 3-desk-top-pot_curved_-andy-lewis_lr 4-desk-top-pot_double-meet_-andy-lewis_lr dtp_bw_portrait_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process1_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process2_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process3_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process1_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process2_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process2-2_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process2-3_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process3_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process4_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process5_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process6_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg 5-desk-top-pot_hanging-andled_-andy-lewis_lr 6-desk-top-pot_home-desk_-jacqui-turk_lr