Hugh Sheridan for Sheridan

Hugh Sheridan is the face of  Sheridan (seems a perfect fit huh!) (legendary) Towel Man campaign for Summer.

Since 78% of my readers here and on Instagram are female (plus Im sure theres a few fellas that will enjoy these images too) I thought I would brighten up your Wednesday no need to thank me enjoy! take a look and see more here

Bedroom styling for King Living

Recently I created four different bedrooms looks for King Living with bedlinen by In The Sac to showcase the King Living bed collection and to show how these beds can work in any style of home.

We created these four looks in the King Living studio in Sydney with photographer Felix Forest my goal was to create lived in and inspirational bedrooms to inspire.

What I like best about the beds we selected from King Living is they are all classic designs, that really do work in any space (and you can select from vast range of fabrics). One of the fun parts about working with King on this project is I get to actually choose the fabrics the beds are upholstered in.

Plus I enjoyed working with In The Sac sheets, quilts and pillow cases. All items are 100% pure Belgium linen so their luxurious look combined with an ‘on trend’ colour palette perfectly complimented each bed style.

  1. New York Monotone

This look featuring the slimline Neo bed, with its sleek , simple and low to the ground design.  I kept things tonal and I used lots of shades of grey for this bedroom (bedlinen and upholstery choices). Grey is an easy colour and works with everything and in just about any space, perfect as a foundation. When it came to decorating, I chose more masculine undertones and kept the decoration to a minimum.  Sometimes things in the interiors world can have a slight tendency to be a little more feminine ! I kept things minimal, neat and understated in a classic and timeless style.

Style notes

Neo Bed by King Living

Dark Charcoal sheet set and quilt set by In The Sac

Vases from Top 3 by design

  1. New York Luxe lots of shades of grey for this bedroom (bedlinen and upholstery choices). Grey is an easy colour and works with everything and in just about any space, perfect as a foundation. When it came to decorating, I chose more masculine undertones and kept the decoration to a minimum.  Sometimes things in the interiors world can have a slight tendency to be a little more feminine ! I kept things minimal, neat and understated in a classic and timeless style.Style notesNeo Bed by King LivingDark Charcoal sheet set and quilt set by In The SacVases from Top 3 by design
    1. New York Luxe

    In this bedroom, we were inspired by New York, but created a feel that could be in London, Paris or LA too. I wanted it to feel chic, injecting colour with the art work and occasional furniture for a lived in luxe feel. Everyone wants a super luxe bedroom so we used the dramatic wingback Symphony bed headboard (how great is this upholstered bed head!)  I love this bedhead its a real statement piece. And, the charcoal quilt adds instant sophistication. How about this green velvet in the occasional chair and cushions that I love too !

    Style notes

    Symphony Storage Bed by King Living

    Dark Charcoal quilt and sheet set by In The Sac

    Blanket from Opus

    Art Work Kerry Armstrong from Becker Minty

    1. Bowral

    For this bedroom we injected some modern, country feels with some pretty pinks, complemented perfectly by In the Sac’s beautiful Musk linen quilt. Featuring the Promenade Storage Bed – I am obsessed with this natural linen fabric we upholstered the bed in. (I think this is my favourite bed).   The design is simple with no fuss and nice and low to the ground. The look is designed to for a feeling of escape, taking us away from the city for a weekend just like the perfect country getaway!

    Style notes

    Promenade Storage Bed by King Living

    Musk quilt and white sheet set by In The Sac

    Blossom from The Flowedrum

    Throw from MJG store


    1. Bondi

    This bedroom was all about relaxed coastal vibes – Just my style!  No need to guess my inspiration….. Bondi is my home ! This room is just like me, never far from the sea, lots of crisp white, with tan leather and chambray blues, this chambray Serenade quilted bed head is like your favourite pair of jeans it will go with anything…..consider it a neutral ! And probably my favourite look of the four !


    Style notes

    Serenade Soft Storage Bed by King Living

    Silt quilt set and white sheet set by In The Sac

    Print – Aquabumps

    Orchid  – The Flower Drum

    Blanket on bed – MJG Store


    All additional occasional furniture from King Living

    All Lighting from Euroluce

    All rugs from Bayliss

    All bedlinen from In The Sac

    All candles from King Living

    Flowers The Flower Drum Holly Hipwell







The new Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED TV

Earlier this year, the team at Sony Australia got in touch ahead of the launch on the new Sony BRAVIA A1 OLED TV to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them. The whole idea behind the Sony A1 OLED (aside from the amazing technology of course) is that it can seamlessly fit into any living room space. I helped bring this to life at Sony’s launch event held at Carriageworks earlier this month.

In the lead up to the event , I was lucky enough to road test the Sony OLED at home. It was like having my very own home cinema, the picture and sound quality were awesome and the colours were popping off the screen! I especially loved the voice activated function on the remote control which easily followed all my commands. I also used this function to catch up on all of my favourite shows (Game of Thrones & Younger) and watch movies on Google Play and video clips on You Tube.

For the launch event, I created three completely different living spaces to showcase how the Sony A1 OLED TV can work into different Australian homes. The room themes we ran with included: Inner City, Bachelor Pad and Family. I’m sure you can agree from the images below that the Sony OLED looked perfect in each space…thought it would be hard for it not look good!


Inner city



Bachelor Pad


Family Room

So here are my top tips when creating your own technology-centric living space – with the Sony A1 OLDE TV at the forefront ,of course !

  1. Know where to save and where to spend. Select and invest in great foundation pieces.       Your sofa, floor rug and other large furniture pieces like sideboards and shelving are pieces you should spend more on. You can add accessories and decoration over time and these additions need not be expensive 

2. A great TV cabinet is important -you look at it as much as you do your TV! As well as being stylish, it can also serve as excellent storage in your lounge room. also use floor rugs to create zones and define spaces – remember a bigger rug is always better!

3. Good lighting is key to making any space work.       Avoid overhead/downlighting, particularly if you want to create a more cinematic experience and really enjoy the deep rich blacks and bright highlights of a TV like the Sony A1 OLED. Instead use task lighting and decorative lighting to create a mood. In the Batchelor set up we included the iconic Gubi floor lamp from Urban Couture.

4. Express your personality in your home by decorating it the way you like to – it’s your place so personalise it with your own style, whether that be your favourite books, artwork or knick knacks.       I think it’s important to surround yourself with things you love and make you feel happy at home – it’s all about feel good style. We added artworks from Pampa and Blacklist to the rooms, decorative pieces from Dinosaur designs , West Elm, Pony Rider, Hay and Ikea.



5. Add plants for good green feel good vibes – plants make you happy and are a great way to update any space. My current favourites are fiddle leaf figs, monstera and ponytail palms.

6.Last but not least, choose technology that is minimalist and timeless, like the Sony’s A1 OLED TV, so that it doesn’t dominate the room and can evolve with your living space






Game of Throws

Lets be honest most of us are watching! and the Game of Thrones wardrobe department recently revealed that John Snow actually wears an Ikea Skold sheepskin as part of his King of the north get up and now the clever ( and funny) people at Ikea have of course helped us with GOT GTL hurry winter is still here!

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A – frame crush

Crushing on this sweet A- frame cabin – take me there – Via Cabin Love

Sunday drives to palm beach

You have got to love a sunny winters day in Sydney! it almost felt like summer today!

I love a Sunday drive and heading to to Palm Beach otherwise known as Summer Bay ( for all the fans of Home and Away) always makes for a great trip. Of course I love all things nautical so we headed to The Boathouse Palm Beach which is right one the water, the perfect spot for lunch!

Photos Jason Grant taken on Canon Powershot G9X

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

Photo Matt Albiani

at dusk print shop

Winter is here! so be transported back to summer (yes please) with at dusk and collection of images with a focus on the sea from his newly launched print shop click here to get in touch or follow on Instagram here

Roped In book by Gemma Patford

Congrats to Gemma Patord on her first boom with Hardie Grant Roped in – filled with heaps of crafty ideas – including her signature material rope – of course I am loving a number of the dog inspired projects!

Out now in all good book stores