ken done

Ok, so a few weeks ago a very exciting email popped up in my inbox, asking if I would like to meet iconic Australian Artist Ken Done of course i jumped at the chance! It’s not every day you get to meet an Australian Icon!

To those of you not familiar (there can’t be too many!) Ken is one of my Favourite living legends, growing up in Australia you could not help but be influenced by this legendary artist. So an opportunity to meet him was a dream come true! ( we even swapped books!)

click here to see more of Ken’s work

Photography Jess Jacob

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and share some insight into a few of Ken’s favourite things, It was great to learn that Ken is as colourful and optomistic as is artworks, it was a great to visit and spend time in his studio where the magic happens

Tell us about your journey -how you became an artist?

I went to art school at 14 and a half but I was 40 before I had my first exhibition. I didn’t become an artist, I was an artist. It’s just when I was young I didn’t know it.

Where do you live?

At Chinaman’s Beach, near Mosman.

How would you describe the look/style of your space at home

A simple villa. A studio overlooking the beach. A house full of paintings.

Where is your favourite place to holiday?

We have been travelling for many years. We’ve holidayed in the Arctic, Europe, the Pacific, America, and the Antarctic. Some holidays are in the snow, some holidays are in the tropics where I can continue to snorkel and explore my love of the reef.

Favourite thing in your home?

My family

What are you loving right now?

The latest painting that I am working on.

Coffee or tea? (And how you take it?)


What’s your favourite day of the week?

At my age, any day that you wake up is good.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

We swim every day and have breakfast by the beach, however Sunday breakfasts are a bit more indulgent.

Favourite street to shop in?

I like Mosman Junction and the shops at the airport

Favorite place to eat?

Near my gallery – Quay for special occasions, or the little Japanese restaurants tucked away in the Rocks or overlooking the Opera House, and sometimes at the Park Hyatt. (Yuki’s and Nakashima)

Favorite places to shop?

Parkers Art Supply Shop, it’s like being in a sweet shop.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?

I’m reading crime fiction, I’m watching English comedy, I’m listening to rhythm and blues.

Favourite city?


What’s your motto?

Look to this day

Favourite meal?

Beluga caviar, once a year

Any pets?

Sadly, no dog at the moment, but we are very attached to the magpies, seagulls and lorikeets we feed in the morning and the half a dozen large bream that I feed from the rocks in front of the studio.

favourite song?

at the moment, The Jealous Kind by Ray Charles

Your signature cocktail?

Anything with vodka

Where’s your happy place?

In my head

What do you collect?

Some expensive art, some worthless junk. Both beautiful to me.

What/who inspires you

Living in Autralia and beside the harbour in Sydney is a constant source of inspiration

What are you working on right now?

Paintings of the Antarctic

What’s next?

A series of talks related to the launch of my newly released memoir (Ken Done: A Life Coloured In), then the exhibition in June of the Antarctic pictures to benefit the McGrath Foundation.

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black marble collection dinosaur designs

Black Marble is the 2016 showcase collection, by Dinosaur Designs’ Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy.

The collection features a monochromatic palette, with black and white pigment blended to create intricate marble textures, evoking a sense of mystery and drama. Polished and matt surfaces provide contrast, and brass and muted tones of stone white and grey add fresh accents. In the homewares, boulder forms dominate, and classic Dinosaur Designs shapes such as the Earth Bowl and Pebble Vase take on dark, charcoal hues marbled with white. There are two additions to the range, a new brass rock ornament and a brass vase; artful statement pieces which add a golden accent to the Black Marble collection.

In the jewellery range, organic petal and pebble inspired motifs create dramatic yet wearable pieces. Black Marble incorporates iconic shapes from collections such as Rainforest and Flower, brought together under a unifying colour palette.

Says Louise Olsen of the collection, “It has been wonderful to explore the complexity and beauty of black marble through resin, and to work with a darker colour palette. It’s always so surprising how much a form is changed by its colour and texture. The Black Marble casting has brought a completely different look and feel to some of our classic shapes and styles, and I love that its mood is quite different to the rest of the Dinosaur Designs collection.”

Black Marble will be available in Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London and online stores from 1st March 2016. Internationally renowned photographer Hugh Stewart shot the collection flower by Tracy Deep Floral Sculptures

Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Grinders Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Jewellery_Black_Brass Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Jug Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Medium_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Servers_Salt_And_Pepper_Grinders Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Vase_Black Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homwares_Platter_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Bangles Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Homwares_Vases_White_Black Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Necklaces_Sculptures Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Neckring

west elm local makers pop ups

Head in store to your nearest West Elm store from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 January  for the very best small-scale makers and designers who get to showcase and sell their wares via a “shop-in-shop” pop-up stall in their local West Elm stores.

Lyndon Findlay (Bondi Junction) is a self-taught carpenter and designer who fashions unique furniture pieces using reclaimed timber. By using reclaimed materials, such as abandoned furniture or quality hardwood floorboards from Victorian era homes, Findlay masterfully brings existing furniture back to life as part of his reuse ethos.

Erin Lightfoot (Brisbane) is an Australian print designer who uses colour and pattern to enhance objects and spaces. Her primary medium is porcelain which she uses to create functional canvasses for her print designs. She crafts handmade pieces which are sold in boutiques throughout Australia and the USA.

Twin Creative (Chadstone) is a Victoria-based jewellery and homewares label founded by digital designers Sue Croke and Kate Faulkner. Stepping away from the screen to create something tactile, Croke and Faulkner hand make their pieces in their Hawthorn studio.

Murphy Made Jewellery (Chapel St) is helmed by Kelly Ogden, who creates unique and distinctive pieces by hand, ensuring that no two items are the same. Nothing is mass produced, with each piece of jewellery designed with care and precision.

Hoarderculture (Chatswood) handmake concrete planters for “little green friends.”

K Gets Organised (Perth): is headed by Kelsie White, a graphic designer who creates paper goods and stationery. K Gets Organised is a system where stationery products can be used individually or interchangeably with other products to suit individual needs.

Click here for more details and store locations

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page thirty three – tactile equations

TACTILE EQUATIONS by Page Thirty Three
Utilitarian objects become modern day monoliths with Page thirty Three’s new collection Tactile Equations as they explore the geometry of sculpture, and the act of daily ritual.
Each piece has a scultpural aesthetic, which seeks to evolve the cultural hieracrchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to
give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual.
Just as ancient cutlures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Tactile Equations seek’s to bring this to
our modern world.
Page Thirty Three’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to finish the
piece. This personalisation enhances the emotional connection between user and object.

Tactile Equations collection includes: The Stratosphere Lamp, The Super Structure Oil Burner, The Void Insence Burner, The Zigzag Table & Interlock Candle Holders in Brass.

Click here to learn more

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the apartment collection by jardan

Jardan a one of the leaders in locally made and designed quality furniture, As part of Sydney Indesign, Jardan released their latest collection The Apartment Collection.

The collection has a distinct focus on small footprint living, lets be honest we don’t all have huge homes! also combining an eclectic selection of materials to create inherently unique pieces.

The standout pieces for me are the Rufus Sofa and armchair upholstered in Denim and I LOVE it!

The Apartment Collection is an exploration into modern living, seeking out ways of creating unique, versatile and personal environments within the confines of smaller spaces.

Head in store to one of the Jardan showroom or check out the rest of the collection online


Jardan_Rufus Chair Denim Jardan_Rufus Sofa DenimJardan_Rufus Sofa Denim (2)

miss glass home

Im loving this small furniture collection by Miss Glass Home – a stylish take on the humble clothes Airer . Simple and beautiful.

Click here to see more and to buy online

MGH Clothes Airer hero S#2 MGH Clothes Airer Style #1 MGH Clothes Airer Style #2

page thirty three x blacklist

Im loving this collab between Page Thirty three and Blacklist two of my local favourite design Teams.

click here to buy it from Blacklist or click here to buy it from Page Thirty Three and as they say “Good Vibes only”

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mesh shelves from bride and wolfe


Im loving the (mostly) colourful and functional mesh display shelves from the clever people at Bride and Wolfe  These Melbourne based creatives make a number of cool things and these shelves are the latest in their collection- perfect to add to any wall and the perfect spot to style up a little display click here to see the entire collection and to buy online

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the box chair


Im loving this Box timber chair from Catapult Design by Designer NathanWhite from Sydney’s northern beaches, a skilled boat builder by trade he works with his wife  — together they are Mr & Mrs White. Their work is in simple, honest timber furniture pieces, Im loving the simplicity of this chair available from Catapult Design showroom.



Congratulations to Jardan who just opened their huuuge ( 800 square metres across two levels) Melbourne Flagship store. This is their third retail store and the biggest one yet and is designed to feel like a contemporary home with the store divided into different living zones. Head in store to see their entire furniture collection along with rugs, ceramics, lighting, cushions, bed linen, photography and more.

Jardan 522 Church Street Richmond NOW OPEN

Photos James Geer

JardanShowroom_2JardanShowroom_1 JardanShowroom_3 JardanShowroom_4 JardanShowroom_5 JardanShowroom_6 JardanShowroom_8 JardanShowroom_9 JardanShowroom_10 JardanShowroom_11