flower by Dinosaur Designs

Im loving this latest collection by Aussie Design Heroes Dinosaur Designs.

As always there is a beauty in simplicity this one is all about the shapes – the inspiration is apparent Flower.

I was lucky enough to recently visit their London and New York Stores where Flower was in store in full bloom.

click here to view and to buy online everywhere or head in store here in Australia,London or New York.

dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-cream-platters-homewares-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-green-platter-plates-dishes-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-homewares-platter-plate-scatter dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-platter-homewares-plate dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-closeup-platters-green-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-coral-blue-bowl-spoons-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-cream-homewares-set-platters-bowls-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-detail-homewares-platter-plates dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-platter-homewares-dishes-purple dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-platters-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-purple-platter-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-scatter-homewares-platters-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-scatter-servers-salad-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-spoons-homewares-purple-orange-blue dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-vases-small-medium-tall-scatter

aquabumps art insitu

Just when I feel like I have been away from Bondi for ages heres a little something from Home…

I have know the awesome team behind Aquabumps Eugene and Deb since moving to Bondi – I like their style, I have even styled their Home for Inside Out Magazine, remember it was on the cover…

Eugene is Bondi’s best photographer no one quite captures Bondi like him.

Aquabumps have an awesome Gallery space in Bondi and also sell prints (frame and unframed) online. Since discovering his work we have for ages talked about a collaboration and have wanted to create some insitu room shots to show you how good these artworks are going to look in real spaces. So we set out creating some real room sweet ups to showcase the art.

Buying art is hard enough but then having to visualise how its going to look can be tricky for the best of us – so hey presto here you go, we created some beautiful images so you can have a better idea of how these awesome prints ( I have two of my very own) will look on your walls!

My number one tip for Art at Home – size matter think big!

Photography James Geer all furniture, rugs and lighting Jardan Styling by Me.

Click here to take a look online or head in to their Gallery

Aquabumps 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia. Tel: 02 9130 7788




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new stuff from castle and things


The Castle and Things  collection is always full of colour and fun, It’s true Im a HUGE fan and I’m loving these new things available now – click here to see more and to buy online

Castle_Homepage_Cushions_2 Castle_Homepage_Cushions_3b Castle_Homepage_Cushions_4

cloth book

I may be away but I’m still keeping you up to date with whats happening back home!

For over 20 years Julie Patterson founder of Cloth Fabrics has been designing and printing textiles ( all made in Australia) her work crosses many mediums including soft furnishing and rugs – She has a very distinct style always referencing the Australian landscape and she has just released a great book and I am so proud its beautiful! Heres a little preview…

Cloth Bound out now at all good book stores

ClothBound_CvrClothDAYTEN 053 ClothDAYTEN 074 ClothDayTWO 141

ponyrider wanderluster

IMG_3510The new Ponyrider collection Wanderluster is in store and online now – just in time for the cooler months. Its no secret that Im a HUGE fan of this awesome Aussie brand. I love their cool products, unique slant on things and this collection is no different,  with their signature hero printed cushions and bed covers (and more) you will be warm and cosy.

Click here to see more and to buy online

Ponyrider__117 Ponyrider__163 Ponyrider__181 Ponyrider__260 Ponyrider__270 Ponyrider__342 Ponyrider__354 Ponyrider__375 Ponyrider__384 Ponyrider__439 Ponyrider__459 Ponyrider__470 Ponyrider__648




If you love my very humble snaps of Bondi on Instagram you will LOVE Aqua Bumps Photographer Eugene Tan captures Bondi like no other.

Check out their daily newsletter with awesome pics of Bondi – He is up early every day snapping so follow Him on Instagram here

If you are in Bondi head to their Gallery where you can buy prints small or large, framed or unframed in lncudeing my personal favourites these arerial Beach shots that are Signature Aqua Bumps

Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach

Click here to see more


91G6347C2R8260-10-01-2014-AQUABUMPS1 C2R8263-10-01-2014-AQUABUMPS1 MG_4875

new soaps from bondi wash


Bondi local and MJG favourite Bondi Wash have released a brand new luxurious, triple milled soap containing Australian wattleseed oil. Known for its antioxidant and skin-moisturising properties, wattleseed oil contains high levels of amino acids and minerals which help to promote healthy and youthful looking skin. Completely palm-oil free, the new Soap Bar is available in Scents 1, 2 and 3. To celebrate, Bondi Wash is offering a complimentary Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Soap Bar ($20 value) with any online order over $100, until March 10th.

I love to support Local, small, independents who work hard and do fabulous things. I realise that I am able to share an edit of things I love and share then with you. I’m always looking for new and interesting things to feature – feel free to get in touch! Everything featured on this blog I can guarantee that I actually like (which is the only real criteria) Im a big fan of using Bondi Wash’s products. I can’t wait to try this latest product also, I have been told as a bar of soap – aphobe that this will be good for my skin! – available online from today.

Click here to see their entire range and to purchase onlineJan 2015 Jan 2015 Jan 2015

new from kate & kate

Kate & Kate have teamed up with Melbourne Stylist Marsha Golemac for their latest collection of cool cotton blankets – Im loving the geometric patterns and fun bright colours!

Click here to see the entire collection and to buy online
MG_for_K_K___Anka_Giant_Blanket__Good_Morning_colour_way-248x369 MG_for_K_K___Anka_Giant_Blanket__Good_Night_colour_way-248x369 MG_for_K_K___Hendrik_Classic_Blanket__Yellow_Pink_White-248x369 MG_for_K_K___Hubert_Baby_flip-248x369


awesome christmas cards

I’m loving these awesome gold foil Christmas cards from the clever team at Blacklist check them and click here to buy


atelier by dinosaur designs

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy the duo behind Dinosaur Designs present their newest collection Atelier.

I’m loving the bold and bright pops of colour. The collection also included candles and textiles, its in store and online now.

Click here to view the entire collection and to buy

Photography Earl Carter

Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-9 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-24 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-25 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-26 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-27 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-5 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-6 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-7 Dinosaur-Designs-Atelier-9