the beach people – the original round towel


Summer may have temporarily left us ( the skies are certainly not blue here in Sydney at the moment) but I intend to keep the summer vibes alive. The Beach People and their original round (roundie) towels are a twist on the usual beach towel for summer and totally awesome!

Click here to see more and to buy online . It’s time to get round!

Their 4 designs are in store plus more click here

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lauren bamford charity print auction


Up for auction is this 1st edition of 10, signed photograph by Photographer Lauren Bamford

‘Locals, Christmas’ 2014
16 x 24” C type photograph valued at $200
Free postage anywhere in the world.
The winning bid will be donated to The Yapawarnti Fund, a non-profit Incorporated Association based in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia. It aims to improve the wellbeing of Indigenous Fitzroy Crossing youth, those living in town and surrounding communities, by investing in programs and activities that provide them with social, recreational, educational and other benefits.

click on the link here to bid

hello & behold

Spotted online these awesome outdoor cushions from Hello & Behold

Fun and colourful, they are designed and made here in Australia and are water repellant, stain,mildew and UV resistant.

Click here to view entire collection and to buy online

Image-1 copy


australian surfer luke stedman featured on mr porter

Check out Aussie Surfer turned Designer Luke Stedman featured on the Mr Porter Journal for full details click here to read the interview and to shop the look



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thanks domaine

Thanks Domaine for featuring Away at Home (USA Version) in your Best new Design Books

Good work Hello Pr Group

Domaine Home - Mr Jason Grant Oct 2014 copy

floral and hardie

Spotted online some super cool things from newly launched Floral and Hardie. I’m loving the decorative wooly wall dots and super cute Message Boards. Congrats to Katrina and Mark well done!

Click here to view and to Buy


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spotted online

Spotted online at After Online these divine smelling Le Feu De L’Eau Candles. My favourite the night blooming jasmine click here to view all of them and to buy

cache_650_650_2_0_100_16777215_Le-feu-De-L'eau---Garden-Rose cache_650_650_2_0_100_16777215_Le-Feu-De-L'eau---Neroli cache_650_650_2_0_100_16777215_Le-Feu-De-L'eau---Patchouli

shop the broad place

My friends at The Broad Place have launched their first collection of products available exclusively online here

A collection of beautiful and functional items to make the everyday not so ordinary all designed with their philosophy of high grade living in mind. Here are a few of my favourites click here to see full collection


enflamme candles

Spotted online these 100% soy wax candles by Enflamme  

click here to buy online with a percentage of profits donated to children affected with cancer

My favourites are Tuberose and Fig!

02 05 08 0902


aura launch new towel collection

Aura have just released a new towel collection – all available online now. The best way to brighten up your bathroom!

Click here here to view and to buy

Styling Lara Hutton Photography Sharyn Cairns