“Palo Santo”

It’s no secret I’m somewhat a (modern) hippy – I practice daily meditation with The Broadplace I’m attracted to candles, crystals and burning sage. Well my latest discovery thanks to my friends at Totem Road is “palo santo”  these lovely timber sticks from Peru can be burnt to promote good luck, clean your house of bad energy and enhance relaxation and best of all they smell beautiful

Major Minor Sydney (table cloth) marble basics tray and board Kelly Wearstler  bronze lips Rock and co crystals

behind the scenes for MJG aw17

MJG AW17 is coming soon! I recently collaborated with photographer Jessie Prince in creating images on location in Federal and Brunswick heads and also in studio where I created room sets to bring to life my latest home wares collection which is in store early march – heres a little preview of our day in the studio…

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Style notes

Wall colour Murobond Ash moonlight

Bed Totem Road

Bed Linen Major Minor Sydney

Vintage lamp Seasonal Concepts

Egg Cup Stool Mark Tuckey

MJG wears Bonds (top) Campbell and Hall (shorts)

weekend vibes


Weekends are for relaxing, this weekend it really felt like summer The ocean and skies were nothing but true blue a taste of summer to come…

Photos Jason Grant

img_0881 img_0921 img_0930 img_0945 fullsizerender-27

paradise found

Ok so not every job I work on is this special, last week I spent 2 amazing days on the border of Queensland and NSW in Paradise at what can be only described as a magical property in a lush bush setting owned my some of the nicest/loveliest people you could ever meet ( I mean who every gets such marvellous floral leis as a thank you gift when u leave!) It was a house shoot for a publication but it was fully immersive for me and the team I worked with.

To be honest my work/life looks petty awesome on Instagram (the whole point of the edit right?) I look super busy always ( I am) but always have time for new projects – so don’t be afraid of getting in touch, the truth is life is pretty good, I work hard but to be honest I always have fun, I love the life I have created. Don’t get me wrong being a stylist is HARD WORK the perception is that its a super glamorous  job with heaps of perks (true) but the bottom line being a stylist involves a lot of things that are not styling or remotely glamorous! I love my job and the reality is fabulous! and I have created this through hard work and enthusiasm and yes last week I was sent to Paradise and it was work!


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miranda skoczek – crazy patchwork exhibition on now

My super talented friend Miranda Skoczek has an Exhibition on now Crazy Patchwork at Edwina Corlette Gallery check it in person in Brisbane or online here

LOVE it!


Third Eye pictured (below) Portrait (above) Lauren Bamford as seen previously in Inside Out Magazine


interior inpso

Im totally vibing this cosy/rustic/minimal space LOVE it! Photo Rich Stapleton for Cereal


major minor behind the scenes

My friends at Major Minor Sydney have a brand new look website 

I love styling and sleeping in their beautiful linen, we all deserve a little luxury right! Here is a little look at the fun we had in studio styling up their latest looks – my favourite is their new khaki / navy reversible

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Photos Jacqui Turk

img_6059 img_6060 img_6061img_5929

new from the fortynine studio

The Desk Top Pot is a new range of indoor pots designed and made by The Fortynine Studio Drawing on the beauty of plants and the simplicity of natural materials, the bold and animated character of the Desk Top Pots brings life to any indoor space.

The design emerged from the problem of keeping indoor plants well-watered, healthy and happy; without worrying about water leaks, condensation, or the constant rotation and moving of pots.

“We really want people to be close to nature in their everyday lives, both at work and at home,” says Ben Elbourne, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio. “In fact, we’ve just installed a bunch of Desk Top Pots at a new Sydney o ce development, which is really exciting for us. The Desk Top Pot encourages a strong connection to nature through both the plants, and the use of raw, earthy terracotta in making the pot.”

The pots are made to neatly t a standard 140mm plastic pot available from any nursery. This allows the plants to easily be swapped out and changed when needed. The feet allow air ow under the pot so there is no build-up of condensation, making the pots safe for any surface. The pots are glazed internally to ensure they are watertight.

The range is handmade by The Fortynine Studio in Marrickville, Sydney. Each pot is hand decorated with slip in various patterns, giving each its own unique character. Harriet Watts, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio says:

“We love working with terracotta, it’s such a beautiful and workable material. It’s really fun making these pots and putting personality into each one. There are moments in the making process when you stop and really think ‘ok, what will work best with the form, character and small imperfections of this piece’”.

The pots use clay from Western Sydney and are once- red using solar power to minimise their environmental impact.

Take a look below at a look inside their process and studio

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Photos Jacqui Turk and Andy Lewis

1-desk-top-pot_desk1_-andy-lewis_lr 2-desk-top-pot_angled_-andy-lewis_lr 3-desk-top-pot_curved_-andy-lewis_lr 4-desk-top-pot_double-meet_-andy-lewis_lr dtp_bw_portrait_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process1_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process2_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_bw_process3_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process1_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process2_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process2-2_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process2-3_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process3_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process4_-jacqui-turk_lr dtp_process5_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg dtp_process6_-jacqui-turk_lr-jpg 5-desk-top-pot_hanging-andled_-andy-lewis_lr 6-desk-top-pot_home-desk_-jacqui-turk_lr



basil bangs summer 16

Summer isn’t summer without a few beach essentials, In my opinion everyone needs a great beach umbrella! My friends at Basil Bangs really do make the best, Im loving the latest images for Summer 16 shot on location at one of my favourite beaches Tamarama I love their artist collabs, pops of colour and touches of retro fringe!

Click here to view their entire collection – Summer is coming!

Styling by my friend Super cool Stylist Sarah Ellison and Photos Tim Swallow

basil_bangs_hr-1 basil_bangs_hr-2 basil_bangs_hr-4 basil_bangs_hr-6 basil_bangs_hr-29 basil_bangs_hr-32

feel good style

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately, what I do and who I do it with, how I like to describe who I am…

Im really lucky to be living my dream ( with a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, loyalty and fun)

I am busy but never too busy – I love to collaborate in many ways usually with like minded types – don’t be afraid of getting in touch Im always looking for beautiful things to share here with my readers. I’m always looking for interesting projects to work on, be it styling, photo shoots, residential or commercial spaces, events and more. Everyone know I love to share this on Instagram too! I love what I do and hope to inspire you to find your own way too, for me its all about feel good style