mentoring by mr Jason Grant

Hello friends 

I love constantly evolving 

We are all in this together and whilst I’m lucky that many aspects of my business as a stylist, designer and creative consultant are able to be done remotely which just quietly I rather like I have decided to add some additional new services and will take on a few new special clients in a new an exciting way.

I’m offering one on one “mentoring” via phone or video chat (down the track face to face too) which ever you prefer – so if need an expert opinion on your home project, renovation, decoration project or a business consultant to your brand or help telling your visual story with content and writing or even if you need tips on upping your Instagram game for your business 

Email me directly for my availability and to find out more hoping I can give you the tools to live your best creative life too @liveyourbestcreativelife (more on this in the coming weeks)

Get in touch I’m offering special packages to a limited number of clients 

Note the first person to book will receive their first mentoring session for free *

Live your best creative life was initially something I was going to launch in conjunction with my new look website but in light of recent events I have decided to start this now. Instead of just being a mentoring session (group or one on one) in my studio I have decided to launch this as a remote “anywhere” service offering phone or video chat mentoring.

UPDATED – mentoring sessions available in the Learn section of my site book now and Live your best Creative Life online workshops coming soon

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