Atlantic byron bay


Holiday at home

Still feels like home!

Who would have thought that just over 5 years ago when I first came to stay at the Atlantic in Byron Bay to shoot part of my second book that I would now live here in Byron Bay – The Atlantic was always my home away from home, my happy place (and still is)

There’s always a warm welcome from the awesome team here…

I remember first walking up the drive way and meeting Kim  (who owns and creates these amazing spaces) thinking im going to live here! (I would have moved in if I could have)

This is a special place, if you’ve not stayed here you really should!

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Magic Golden Hour

Theres a magical time as the sun is setting – the Golden Hours, yesterday I spent the evening chasing sunsets with Atlantic Byron Bay sunsets in winter in Byron Bay are pretty special

Atlantic Byron Bay

I LOVE checking in to The Atlantic in paradise ( Byron Bay) I’ve said its before  ( yes its the only place ni stay here) but its totally my happy place and often my second home. Theres a magic that happens when you check in here , it not only looks amazing but this place also feels amazing too! Im pretty sure this has a lot to do with the people that run and own this place – some of the best people you will every meet, it’s jam packed full off good vibes! The property convieniently located in town consists of 3 main buildings set in lush tropical gardens, all the rooms are decorated with impeccable details – If you have-not stayed you really should

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hello Atlantic (new website)

I have arrived in Paradise just in time! After (most of) the crowds have left – phew! but also just in time to unveil the new look website of my friends at The Atlantic Byron Bay.

Awhile back I worked with one of my favourite humans Kimberly Amos one half of the brains/owners of The Atlantic. We spent a few days working with photographer Alicia Taylor  and the team at The Atlantic shooting this magical place, it really was a dream job of course! I visit often and I love to call it my (Byron Bay) home away from home (for now)

The Atlantic is the BEST place to stay here in Paradise I have been coming back since we shot here for my second book Holiday ay Home. There is a distinct feeling when you check in, suddenly you’re on Byron time, its an oasis. The rooms are awesome and decorated in their signature relaxed vibe, the grounds of the property are lush and incredible, despite being conveniently located in town the place feels private. I have a real connection to this place and the people behind it (really the have become like my family) its a special place to me and its magic, if you haven’t stayed here you really should!

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photography Alicia Taylor



paradise at the atlantic byron bay

My latest book Holiday at Home involves a lot of inspiration from road trips and getting away. The Atlantic at Byron Bay is one of my favourite places to stay. We visited whilst shooting the book and shot lots of inspirational images in and around the property. Its an awesome, super cool place, a laid back and relaxed guest house which totally feels like home. Owned By Kimerbly and her very clever and creative family (some of their art works pictured below) its a very special place. It features a lot in my new book and it also has a super cool silver Air stream. If you’re visiting Byron Bay anytime soon be sure to stay…

Images Lauren Bamford


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