Pretty in pink new Jardan Sydney Store

Jardan have unveiled their brand (rather impressive) new Sydney showroom designed by If Architecture
As you can see the centre of the store is amass of blush sculptural shapes within the central staircase.
Jardan new store now open 42 Oxford St Paddington NSW 2021

Photo Jason Grant

something beginning with Halo collection

Im loving the new Halo collection by Something beginning with 
This Melbourne design duo have an eye for detail, Im of course loving their Modern Retro vibe, along with their simple rounded shapes and fun colour palette by this design duo
The collection is designed and made in Melbourne bravo!
Photographer: Nicole England
Stylist: Laelie Berzon and Lisa Vincitorio
Shot at Kensington Collective


Im excited to partner with iconic Australian brand R.M.Williams It’s taken me a little time to fine tune my own aesthetic and style ( for the home and in fashion ) when asked to describe my signature style I like to think it is relaxed, laid back, casual and quintessentially Australian. I love to travel overseas as much as I can but I always love to come home.

It doesn’t get much more Australian than R.M.Williams founded in 1932 the classic Australian clothier still produces a collection of hard wearing clothes and footwear made here in Australia. For this project I proudly doned my pair of classic boots and styled up some of their classic mens garments and what better location than on a classic Aussie backyard clothes line!

R.M.Williams is as Australian to me as vegemite! a traditional and iconic part of our country, I think its important to embrace where you are from. Im alway proud to call Australia home!

Photos Jacqui Turk

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blue – new from dinosaur designs


Design Duo Stephan Ormandy and Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs have launched Blue their latest collection and it is an awesome exploration in all shades of the hue that is blue. Available in their signature home wares and jewellery the collection is a bold statement in my (second) favourite colour.

Inspired by the many colours of the sky from morning to late at night and also chance colours in the hand mixing process (remember all of dinosaurs designs wares are all hand made here in Sydney) It’s no surprise Im loving this new collection. True blue I love you!

Shop the collection online here or head in store her in Australia, New York and London


dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-28dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-36dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-1 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-2 copy dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-3 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-4 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-5 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-7 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-10 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-12 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-18 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-19 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-37