gifts from nature

Weekend walks on empty beaches collecting and arranging things… just because…



We can’t rely on our government here in Australia and sadly in many other countries across the globe

We need to be the change 

Let’s get woke and whist we are at it let’s all be a little kinder to each other, despite all of our differences we are all human and all equal

Let’s stop being so destructive 

I’ve always been one to focus on solutions rather than problems

Let’s all do more, learn more and care more!

Action is required 

Plant a tree or a million

Eat less meat or better still become vegan

Be more thoughtful about what you consume

Try to reduce what you buy and your waste

Invest in things that last quality over quantity

Stop using single use plastics

Put it in the bin especially your dirty cigarettes!

For fuck sake sit down and have your coffee or bring your own cup

Mining, fishing, farming, logging and poaching are altering the world at unprecedented rates

Let’s be considerate to all that inhabit the earth

Small changes matter and add up if we all band together – we can be resilient

It’s time be be disruptive

I don’t have all the answers but im looking for solutions to make a difference

It’s time for us all to do our best

good morning

There’s no better way to start the day in Byron Bay, wake up, a walk on the beach, meditate, swim and then coffee. Ahhhh the simple things in life why do we make things so complicated!

Wearing Bonds Lounge wear (straight from bed to the beach)

Blanket scarf Pampa

Picnic basket The Beach People

Ceramic Mug Sit still Lauren

Blanket (on sand) Las Niñas Textiles

Photography and production Jason Grant 

Monday in paradise

So nice…

beach babe

Sophia knows how to beach siesta well (her first swim for the season today)

ch ba

read the (Atlantic) drift

Everyone knows how much I love the Atlantic Byron Bay

Read the first “People of the Atlantic” interview on “The Drift” to hear about my connection to this place, its people and a few of my favourite local favourites

click here to read my interview

Jai Vasicek “Henna”

Check out “Henna” the latest exhibition by Jai Vasicek (my favourite so far) Im loving this colour palette and the added layers and details of these works.

Online and at his Byron Gallery too

nikau new online store

My clever friends at Nikau Store  Byron Bay have just launched their online store!

So if you can’t make it to paradise to shop in store you can now shop from anywhere in the world!

click here to buy all kinds of beautiful handmade, botanical, local and hard to find treasures

home details # 5

Dining area – I eat here and often work here – its the central hub of the home

as seen in Real Living Magazine

here are all the details

Timber Table with Ikea trestles

chairs Case 22 Byron Bay

Console Bludot

handing light with fishing pot Merchants of the Sea

Wall Art

Jai Vaisek

Rachel Castle

Simon Leah

Paul McNeil from The Art Park

Emma Gale

Shield Mirror The Society Inc

Hydrangeas from Nikau

Glass Marble Sculptures West Elm

Yellow Chair Thonet

Photos Maree Homer

jai gallery : now open

My friend Byron Bay Artist Jai Vasicek has opened a brand new gallery space dedicated to his artwork.

1/3 Marvell Street Byron Bay

Congratulations my friend