monochrome inspiration from country road

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Im usually a fan of the brighter shades of the colour wheel, but Im exploring the darker shades. I love colour but the moodier tones have their place too. Black, white and grey are classic sheades for decorating your home and always in fashion for your wardrobe . These colours alone or together never go out of style, a timeless combination. This seasons twist is that they combine with graphic elements for the ultimate modern monochromatic inspiration.

My colour inspiration started with a collection of feathers we have gathered over the last little while.

I love decorating with found items as they add another layer of interest to any vignette at home, we have them on display in a simple vase in the living room.

I also drew inspiration from a few paint colours from my collection with Murobond – funny that its seems I’m rather partial to shades of black , white and grey here too. Like i said before they are fail safe shades when decorating and a perfect for your walls too.

With the winter months quickly approaching its all about staying in, cacooning as i like to call it. We sort of go into a little hibernation and with the winter chill warmer clothes and decor are necessary for practical reasons ( chunky knits for the sofa and the bed are a must) and for the the mind we need to feel cosy and snug. With this in mind Its the best time of the year to make a hearty soup. Im a some what a novice home chef but i do like to cook its important to have a go. Just like finding your decorating style, cooking is also a journey of discovery and trial and error.- My decorating and cooking styles are some what similar – relaxed and causal and nothing too fancy – I like to keep it simple.

Sponsored post for Country Road styled by MJG shot in his studio (background is brown craft paper FYI)

Photography Grace Cassio

MJG wears Country Road Sweater

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So here is my easy as winter soup recipe that anyone can cook (if i can)

First I chop up whatever vegetables I have on hand usually the likes of potatoes, onions, brocolli, zucchini, pumpkin,carrots and good amount of garlic (feel free to mix it up with what you have on hand)

Next I roughly chop these vegetable up and add to a pot with chicken stock and generous amounts of salt and pepper.

I usually make this shop when working from home and leave this to simmer away all afternoon until it becomes and delicious and heart warming hot broth.

I serve it with crusty bread toasted on the pan with generous amount of butter.

Somehow this golden soup and toasty bread looks perfect served on black.




a pop of yellow with moody blues from country road

Its no secret yellow is one of my favourite shades mixed with moody blues its the perfect pop of colour in these cooler months. Don’t we all need something to brighten out day!

An early start requires coffee (always) and a quick (healthy) breakfast – usually cereal and always a banana.Why not serve these up in your favourite shade! My usual morning routine is to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and take our Boston Terrier Sophia for a walk, somehow she always manages to find the perfect hiding spot on the sofa amongst the cushions (she isn’t a morning person either) If I’m up super early for an early shoot call time I will make a Push the button coffee at home otherwise my preferred is Panama House – my Bondi regular morning pit stop – where I love a coffee and a chat with the locals.

Winter in Bondi is just as beautiful as summer, Its Australia’s most famous Beach and I love to call Bondi home. Its beautiful all year round and in winter just as so it’s just that the tones of the beach and ocean are deeper and more moodier. The beach isn’t always about summer and swimming (which I love) I love the ever changing shades of the sea and a little fossaking after the storm you never know what you might find, perhaps a fallen branch perfect for a vase at home.

A perk of being an interior Stylist is there are often flowers at home, left over from photo shoots often. I love the instant pick me up of popping fresh flowers into a vase at home – they need not be expensive. My favourite include Peonies and garden roses but just choose what looks best on the day, These water lilies caught my eye! Flowers are great for adding a little  bit of cheer especially in the cooler months when things can feel a bit grey. Why do I love yellow you ask? well it such a fun happy colour, really it just adds a bit of sunshine to our home and makes me smile! Colour is a signature to my decorating style and you can’t underestimate the power of a pop of colour. Adding just a pop of colour is an easy way for those not brave enough to add a large splash to your space . So think small perhaps a cup a cushion or even a towel in the bathroom to add a little splash of colour. The best place to take colour inspiration you ask? I take my queues from nature. If you’re not sure and lack colour confidence take a look inside your wardrobe – if its a colour you like to wear chances are its a great colour to decorate with at home.

Sponsored post for Country Road styled by MJG shot at Home

photography Chris Prestidge for At Dusk

MJG wears Country Road T- shirt

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Flowers from The Bondi Markets

Artwork featured from Aqua Bumps

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country road summer

Country Road Summer is all about  is all about monochromatic blacks and white mixed with soft pretty pinks and blues in store now and online now.

Click here to view online

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country road summer

Summer is almost here, it’s my favourite time of the year and I’m never far from the water. A summer essential is the perfect beach towel, I love a new beach towel, in summer my beach towel replaces my bath towel it’s my little luxury. Country Road always have an awesome selection and this season is no different.

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country road turns 40

Country Road is an Australian icon and this year they celebrate turning 40 (seems 1974 was a good year for many)

You really know its summer when you see a Country Road beach towel they are synonymous with summer and living here in Bondi you certainly see plenty of them, but this year there is a special beach towel – check out their 40th Anniversary beach towel in store and online now

Country Road are celebrating with Aussie Model Gemma. Check her out in this short film Summer Wonder…

BTS Country Road film set 4 BTS Country Road film set 5 BTS Country Road film set 12 BTS Country Road film set 14 BTS Country Road film set

BTS Country Road film set 3


country road spring

Country Road spring is here, add some colour to your Home with punchy brights or softs pastels in store and online now…

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country road x tokyo bikes

Country Road has collaborated with Tokyo Bikes to create two Cycle Shops within Their Chapel Street and Chadstone stores.

Head in store to take a look…



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country road aw14

Country Road have just launched their new collection in store and online now. It’s graphic and mixes black and soft pinks

Click here to view the full collection or head in store

CROAD dec13_430CROAD dec13_321CROAD dec13_226CROAD dec13_007CROAD dec13_204CROAD dec13_276CROAD dec13_006CROAD dec13_001


country road / rmit window project

Each year Country Road work with the Visual Merchandising students from RMIT for the Window Project a 10 week project from from briefing to installing the Window display

Check out the results below and in store Country Road 252 Toorak Road (corner Chapel Street) South Yarra

image003 image004

MJG edit – more yellow

A few weeks ago you may have seen my first Sunday Style column on all things yellow – I really do love this happy shade so here’s some more sunshine. Get happy with some more yellow for the home!

qvuvCIfHwlbE9_s4yWXiRRyCWsJA7BsCvVYhDOvT4JIWest Elm Cushion Buy online here
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Striped Placemat from FreedomTe5WP8Knphf9DNmP7osAI2k6uCdw8afgFCFZ7i7wKFQFlorence Broadhurst Cushion details her

butter.stool-yellow.with.stack-w-lr_1024x1024Butter Stool Design by Them – details here

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ikea-ps--stool__0133729_PE289194_S4PS Stool from Ikea in store here