fiat christmas vibes

How is it almost December – Christmas is coming!

Last week whilst in Melbourne Sophia and I headed into the Fiat Australia Offices to decorate their Christmas tree

We loaded up the festive (red) Fiat 500 X and picked up our tree and decorations…

We had a fun morning trimming the tree with beautiful vintage style decorations from Scout in St Kilda 

We had a simple but traditional colour palette of silver, glass and red which worked perfectly with the green (real ) tree and some fairy lights of course!

Photos Jason Grant Kelly Sofa from Jardan

What style tree do you have at your place?


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road testing the fiat 500

Thanks to the awesome team at Fiat Australia I have been road testing the fun Fiat 500 in Mint Milk shake, ok yes matchy matchy can be ok! as it pretty much matches my favourite place to swim in Bondi – Icebergs Pool!

The Car is super fun to drive around, it’s  compact but not too small, which makes parking so much easier too and the rear boot is surprisingly large ( a definite stylist requirement)

I have been enjoying zipping around Bondi and you just can’t not smile at this perfect pastel shade of mint!

This Post is in Partnership with Fiat Australia click here for more info

Photography Jacqui Turk

MJG wears

Jac + Jack Shirt

Bassike T-shirst

Bonds Track Pants

Toms Sunglasses

Merci Bracelet


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So I had a revelation I have decided that my new (temporary) wheels should match my favourite place in Bondi (incase you were wondering that is Icebergs Pool) Besides its almost winter and I am in need of a little colour in my day to day to get me through!

The colour “Mint Milkshake” screams summer (hurry back I say!) and is rather similar to the colour Ocean that I created for Major Minor too huh!

The car is compact, cute and fun to drive!

Click here for more details and keep your eyes peeled for the Fiat in Sydney!

Follow me on Instagram here and Fiat Australia here and check out a little magic I made below, just to show you how much I love this colour which you may have seen here on Lonny Magazine


IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1429 IMG_1432