ikea – new limited edition collection SPÄNST

Lets be straight to the point about this new limited edition collection SPÄNST from Ikea – your going to want it all!

This is Ikea at its best.

Its super cool but also functional – lets talk for just a minute about those clear storage boxes, neon lights and the skate board rack! I want them all!

Its in store here in Australia from 28th of May – see you in store!

Ikea INDUSTRIELL Collection

Loving the limited edition Industriell collection in store at Ikea now click here to see the entire collection or head in store

HJÄRTELIG the “wellness collection” from ikea


IKEA is to launch a limited edition wellness collection HJÄRTELIG

Designed with a delicate touch, IKEA explores organic materials for a new wellness collection that engages the senses.

In April IKEA Australia will launch a new limited edition range, HJÄRTELIG. HJÄRTELIG will feature a range of furniture, home furnishing accessories and a yoga kit, will all elements of the collection designed to set the ideal conditions for rest, relaxation and gentle exercise.

Designed by IKEA designers Maja Ganszyniec and Andreas Fredriksson, HJÄRTELIG takes inspirations from mother nature and sustainable materials such as cotton, rattan, linen, cork and pine.

HJÄRTELIG is a collection that helps respond to these challenges and remind us about taking moments to re-focus and revitalise at home.

The HJÄRTELIG collection is designed to create a light and peaceful feeling within the home. Made from sustainable materials, the accessories and furnishings are kind to our environment and durable for everyday life at home – all at an affordable price for everyday people. We know that we spend a lot of time being physically present in our home, but we enjoy our homes most when we are mentally present.

The collection includes the very first IKEA yoga bag as well as jewellery bowls, scented candles, bedding, pots and textiles to encourage relaxation and mental presence within the home.

Lets talk about that bed!

The HJÄRTELIG range is available for a limited time in all Australian stores from April 2018.

YPPERLIG collection Ikea x Hay

This October Ikea launch the much anticipated  YPPERLIG collection with the Danish design company HAY

By combining materials, colours and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants – take a look at the capsule collection in store now

Game of Throws

Lets be honest most of us are watching! and the Game of Thrones wardrobe department recently revealed that John Snow actually wears an Ikea Skold sheepskin as part of his King of the north get up and now the clever ( and funny) people at Ikea have of course helped us with GOT GTL hurry winter is still here!

ikea new Stockholm collection

When Ikea gets it right they get it very right

Im loving the brand new Stockholm collection that has just landed in store now, its easy, simple, relaxed and not complicated. I’m loving the cosy velvet, the blue glassware and the light timber and rattan, it’s scandi ( sorry can we not use this word unless its actually scandi! such an over used word) but feels perfect for an Aussie home too!

The trick is to not fill your place with things from just the one store, its all about creating a mix, tricky with this collection as I have my eye on lots! The Rattan Cabinet is totally a stand out for me!

 Click here to see more or head in store

ikea launches viktigt collection

When Ikea is great Ikea is really great!

I’m loving their latest collection VIKTIGT created in collaboration with Ingegerd Råman one of Scandinavia’s most well-known glass designers and ceramists.

I first spotted this featured in Elle Decoration Magazine whilst waiting for a flight at an airport recently and immediately was excited about this collection which is simplicity in design at its best.

In store in Australia from mid May keep your eyes peeled here

PH132760PH132764PH132767PH132755PH132719 PH132723 PH132724 PH132750 PH132752 PH132769 PH132770



ikea 2015 catalogue

It’s in your mailbox and in store soon here in Australia, here I share a preview of The Ikea 2015 catalogue and some of my favourite pages.

Its no secret I love colour and adding a splash of my favourite shade, just as much as bringing the outdoors in I love plants – Ikea  also are a fan of both of these favourites of mine and heres proof!

Head inshore or online Launching September 1st


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ilse crawford for ikea collab collection

Ilse Crawford is one of my design heroes, known for work through her design and interior architecture firm Studio Ilse, she was the launch Editor of Magazine Elle Decoration UK, and has released 3 books and more, she is always at the forefront of design and design thinking, a true inspiration.

It’s a smart move  that Global brand Ikea have just announced a collab collection with Ilse Crawford of approximately 30 products. This collaboration will definitely catch the attention of the design savvy. The collection is simple and designed to be low key and not to compete with design icons. There is a focus on natural materials and the collection has also  been designed with a global market in mind for the pieces to work in any home. It is proof that good design dosn’t need to be expensive. Im seriously hoping the collection makes it here to Australia – fingers crossed.

Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_0 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_1 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_6 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_7 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_8 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_9

ikea ps 2014

Each year Ikea release their PS collection – as always its one of their most exciting, innovative and fun it’s all  in store now

NEW_CABINET.144214ColourCheck: No info Per A PE412734.115451 ColourCheck: No info Per A rug_PE412757.085124 NEW_BUREAU.114254 NEW_CEILING_LAMP.144257 NEW_LAPTOP_TABLE.120253 NEW_WALL_SHELF.144319 NEW_WARDROBE.114225