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shadows and shells

Glass, shadow play, shapes and shells… chasing the sun and playing with shadows… loving this light!


It’s the middle of winter and bed is where I want to be! waking up and getting up is hard!

We spend a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is the single most important thing we all do each and every day; and getting enough sleep is SO important for us all. To be totally honest I love to sleep! I mean I need that beauty sleep!

IKEA is on a mission to help Australian’s get the sleep they deserve. (YAY)  They know that having a good night sleep is about ensuring you have the bedroom set up; including everything from the right mattress, pillow, lighting and bedding

I like to sleep well at night also knowing about that i’m sleeping on quality materials, I’m always a fan of natural materials on the bed all year around (its just in winter when I like to pile on the layers) did you know all of  IKEAs cotton is sourced sustainably?

Sleep well and be inspired to make a bedroom for a great nights sleep

Happy birthday Sophia

Happy birthday Sophia (11 today)


Loving this new treasure ( ceramic shell incense holder) from Son_ Ra Ceramics

Sophia winter ready

Sophia is all set for winter in her coat from Sparkles the Dog

in the studio

Just another day in the studio!

Bun Coffee Roller door

Heres the finished look of a little project I consulted on recently for Bun Coffee.

I love how paint can instantly update to a tired roller door, loving these colourful stripes we created in the brand colours!


casually curated

My home/studio as seen in the special decorating special of Real Living Magazine