use your illusions new from page thirty three

Theres no denying that local design team Page Thirty three are super dynamic, I love there fresh unique approach to design. Their new collection ‘Use Your Illusions’ explores future worlds from the past. They are inspired by primitive form, ancient ritual, and modern living. Slipping into a parallel universe they are drawn to utopian ideals about living a simple existence which is more connected to nature.

Page Thirty Three’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to nish the piece. Primitive and geometric forms slide, collide, and interlock to form functional objects.
While many objects involve the user piecing the components together to make large simple puzzles or personalized equations, others which come assembled tell this story visually, as construction lines stay visible. There is a basic childish satisfaction felt from ‘solving the puzzle’ which enhances the bond between human and object.

Each piece in the collection has a sculptural aesthetic which seeks to evolve the cultural hierarchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual. Just as ancient cultures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Use Your Illusions seeks to assimilate this into our modern world.

I love that Page Thirty Three are inspired by historic space age design, and visions of the future, from the past. Define sci reference can be seen which I love! There is a definite retro modern feel to everything they create.

“ I love looking at how the future was forecast 50 years ago, and comparing it to how we live today.
In most cases I like the alternate space age visions that I saw on the big screen, and dreamt up as a kid, much more.
I think a lot of what we design comes from these childhood obsessions and play time.
For so much of the day, the mind wanders along creative paths of new worlds and parallel universes, where you build your own life and space.
Primarily ‘Use your Illusions’ has grown from these daydreams.
The objects which appear now, stem from this brain play. They accessorize the dream world.
The most ful lling part of design is pulling these ideas out of the aether and bringing them into existence.”
Ryan Hanrahan, Creative Director

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page thirty three – tactile equations

TACTILE EQUATIONS by Page Thirty Three
Utilitarian objects become modern day monoliths with Page thirty Three’s new collection Tactile Equations as they explore the geometry of sculpture, and the act of daily ritual.
Each piece has a scultpural aesthetic, which seeks to evolve the cultural hieracrchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to
give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual.
Just as ancient cutlures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Tactile Equations seek’s to bring this to
our modern world.
Page Thirty Three’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to finish the
piece. This personalisation enhances the emotional connection between user and object.

Tactile Equations collection includes: The Stratosphere Lamp, The Super Structure Oil Burner, The Void Insence Burner, The Zigzag Table & Interlock Candle Holders in Brass.

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ritual by page thirty three

Ritual is the latest addition to the unique collection that is Page Thirty Three (local favourites of mine)

Im loving their evolution and pared back signature creative style. Bianca and Ryan the duo behind the brand work hard at creating something unique and special, I love the update to their marble oil burner and the new  tripod oil burner.

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page thirty three x blacklist

Im loving this collab between Page Thirty three and Blacklist two of my local favourite design Teams.

click here to buy it from Blacklist or click here to buy it from Page Thirty Three and as they say “Good Vibes only”

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the protractor lamp – page thirty three

New from local Aussie design favourites Page Thirty Three is The Protractor Lamp, part of their latest collection, I love this simple utilitarian design, simply  rotate and lock into position, a perfect lamp for any space or style of home and excitedly made in Australia. Keep your eyes peeled more from their collection that I will be sharing soon. Click here to take a look



page thirty three

Im a big fan of clever local makers and designers. I first met Bianca and Ryan of Page Thirty Three when I styled their home for a feature in Inside Out Magazine a while back.

They are a creative duo and design, make and source most of their products here locally. I really like their brand and their way of thinking. Their aesthetic is inspired by art, nature, with a strong urban but natural utilitarian feel. Their products are designed with harmony in the home and mind in mind, choosing to create locally, using renewable materials and packaging were possible . Im a big fan of their collection and have a number of their pieces in my home .

Im sure your all familiar with there cinematic light box, oil burners and wooden milk crate click here to see their entire collection and to buy online

Images thanks to Page Thirty Three


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