pop + scott / pampa byron bay showroom

Collaboration is the key we are stronger together case in point the new Byron Bay Showroom shared by Pop + Scott and Pampa Its an amazing warehouse space filled natural light and many beautiful things, it’s filled also with heart and soul also you will fine amazing bespoke timber furniture, home wares, plants, pots, prints, floor rugs and more Its total shopping paradise and I love it!

I must visit when you are in town 4/57 Centennial Circuit Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm and Monday by appointment

All Photos Lisa Sorgini

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I love the super cool couple that is Pop & Scott (check out their Melbourne showroom if you haven’t already!) and I’m also loving their latest collection of hand painted pots Indigo Folk inspired by traditional embroidery, jewellery and Scandavian Folk paintings ( looking pretty good with their Dreamer sofa too!)

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Photos Jessica Tremp

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