sagitine christmas

Recently I styled some Christmas images for fellow beach side resident Sagitine  – some of the most beautiful storage you will find! yes I said beautiful and storage in the same sentence!

We had a fun day creating a little Christmas magic, its amazing what a little imagination and a roll of ribbon and some masking/painters tape you can come up with! A Ribbon Christmas Tree! its easy enough to do at home and great if you don’t have space for a 3 dimensional tree! we added in a cute dog for some of our shots ( Sagitine Owner Tina’s dog Spike) and we were set!

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Thanks to Top 3 by Design (Votives and candle), Cotton Love Home (champagne bucket) and Becker Minty (Kelly Wearstler trinket box) for the beautiful props.

Scissors from The lost and found department

Vintage Christmas decorations from MJG’s props cupboard! originally purchased at Empire Vintage

Photos Jacqui Turk


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Sagitine have storage sorted in a stylish way. You can never have too much storage especially as an interior stylist.

Sagitine have a number of storage combinations available with a focus on boxes for your wardrobe and more – perfect for shoes and all kinds of other things you may need to store away. I love the fine craftsmanship and the lovely leather details.

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Photography Jacqui Turk

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