The new Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED TV

Earlier this year, the team at Sony Australia got in touch ahead of the launch on the new Sony BRAVIA A1 OLED TV to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them. The whole idea behind the Sony A1 OLED (aside from the amazing technology of course) is that it can seamlessly fit into any living room space. I helped bring this to life at Sony’s launch event held at Carriageworks earlier this month.

In the lead up to the event , I was lucky enough to road test the Sony OLED at home. It was like having my very own home cinema, the picture and sound quality were awesome and the colours were popping off the screen! I especially loved the voice activated function on the remote control which easily followed all my commands. I also used this function to catch up on all of my favourite shows (Game of Thrones & Younger) and watch movies on Google Play and video clips on You Tube.

For the launch event, I created three completely different living spaces to showcase how the Sony A1 OLED TV can work into different Australian homes. The room themes we ran with included: Inner City, Bachelor Pad and Family. I’m sure you can agree from the images below that the Sony OLED looked perfect in each space…thought it would be hard for it not look good!


Inner city



Bachelor Pad


Family Room

So here are my top tips when creating your own technology-centric living space – with the Sony A1 OLDE TV at the forefront ,of course !

  1. Know where to save and where to spend. Select and invest in great foundation pieces.       Your sofa, floor rug and other large furniture pieces like sideboards and shelving are pieces you should spend more on. You can add accessories and decoration over time and these additions need not be expensive 

2. A great TV cabinet is important -you look at it as much as you do your TV! As well as being stylish, it can also serve as excellent storage in your lounge room. also use floor rugs to create zones and define spaces – remember a bigger rug is always better!

3. Good lighting is key to making any space work.       Avoid overhead/downlighting, particularly if you want to create a more cinematic experience and really enjoy the deep rich blacks and bright highlights of a TV like the Sony A1 OLED. Instead use task lighting and decorative lighting to create a mood. In the Batchelor set up we included the iconic Gubi floor lamp from Urban Couture.

4. Express your personality in your home by decorating it the way you like to – it’s your place so personalise it with your own style, whether that be your favourite books, artwork or knick knacks.       I think it’s important to surround yourself with things you love and make you feel happy at home – it’s all about feel good style. We added artworks from Pampa and Blacklist to the rooms, decorative pieces from Dinosaur designs , West Elm, Pony Rider, Hay and Ikea.



5. Add plants for good green feel good vibes – plants make you happy and are a great way to update any space. My current favourites are fiddle leaf figs, monstera and ponytail palms.

6.Last but not least, choose technology that is minimalist and timeless, like the Sony’s A1 OLED TV, so that it doesn’t dominate the room and can evolve with your living space






forty winks spring/summer

Spring is the perfect time to have a little refresh at home, the bedroom is always a  great place to update, a new bed or bed linen is the prefect place to start. Quality and comfort are important in the bedroom along with the finishing touches, here is look of the latest in store at Forty Winks – helping you to wake up wonderful!

Charlize CinoEmery BunkFlorenceTara Crisp Jasper Sierra

think (pale) pink

Summer is coming you can almost feel it! it’s the perfect time to play with colour in your home.

Soft pale pink has been popping up on my radar for a little while. I love soft, faded pastel shades and pink is it! don’t be afraid of a little pink!

Pink can scare some of us, seen by many as feminine and too pretty but Im not afraid of a little pink at home and I even have a favourite soft pink shirt!

Here is my Pink Edit in store and online from Country Road and 5 tips to working with pink at home.

1. Get the shade right, Pink isn’t always the easiest shade to decorate with its all in selecting the right pink. Soft pale pink is easy to work with consider it almost a neutral, It adds a freshness and calming vibe to any space. I prefer softer shades to loud or bubblegum varieties but you be the judge of how much pink you think.

2. Add a little, don’t go pink crazy (well unless you LOVE it!) a little goes a long way, perfect to add a hint of pink with fresh flowers or table ware to brighten up your day.

3. Pink and grey are best friends, pink and all shades of grey go great together, think textiles and cushions for your sofa or for the bedroom.

4 . As with all colours try before you buy, just like your wardrobe ease into a new colour remembering if pink works in your wardrobe ( or as a go to lip colour) it can also work at home too!

5. Make Pink modern and sophisticated, it’s really easy to make pink look a little dated, forget the frills and lace and floral motifs, instead think bold geometric shapes, sophisticated ceramics and clean lines.

Sponsored post for Country Road styled by MJG shot on location at the Home of Belinda Owner of Bondi Wash

Photography Jacqui Turk

All pink items, ladder and stool and a few others from Country Road

MJG wears Country Road Sweater

PS Im loving a (fresh) Pineapple right now – to display then to eat!

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country road summer

Summer is almost here, it’s my favourite time of the year and I’m never far from the water. A summer essential is the perfect beach towel, I love a new beach towel, in summer my beach towel replaces my bath towel it’s my little luxury. Country Road always have an awesome selection and this season is no different.

Click here to see their collection online and in store now Including their 40th Anniversary towel.