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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

store visit schatzi

Some times when travelling you find the best things by accident – I was just walking along Mission Street  and stumbled across Schatzi a really cool vintage Home and Personal Effects store that I loved!

Schatzi 1908 Mission Street San Francisco

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new stuff from castle and things


The Castle and Things  collection is always full of colour and fun, It’s true Im a HUGE fan and I’m loving these new things available now – click here to see more and to buy online

Castle_Homepage_Cushions_2 Castle_Homepage_Cushions_3b Castle_Homepage_Cushions_4

colourful san francisco

San Francisco is full of colourful street art especially off Valencia and Mission streets Im totally loving it!

IMG_5081 IMG_5094IMG_4699 IMG_4707

tractor home sale


cloth book

I may be away but I’m still keeping you up to date with whats happening back home!

For over 20 years Julie Patterson founder of Cloth Fabrics has been designing and printing textiles ( all made in Australia) her work crosses many mediums including soft furnishing and rugs – She has a very distinct style always referencing the Australian landscape and she has just released a great book and I am so proud its beautiful! Heres a little preview…

Cloth Bound out now at all good book stores

ClothBound_CvrClothDAYTEN 053 ClothDAYTEN 074 ClothDayTWO 141

see you this wednesday nyc!


See you this Wednesday night for my next Book signing with Bludot 140 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012


store visit march

IMG_5055I must admit I love a city tip whilst travelling and to be honest I have been given a lot for this amazing trip Im on. Whether it’s something to do or see , somewhere to eat or a store to vist, i have love so many of these suggestions – feel free to keep them coming – Thanks Megan Morton for this hot San Fran tip!

March didn’t disappoint it is the most beautiful store and was well worth a visit – a carefully curated edit filled with mainly table top / kitchen ware the store is minimal but full of layers and has cabinets full of refined merchandise – put it inn your san fran to-do list

March 3075 Sacramento St, San Francisco


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bend goods

IMG_3469Whilst in LA I met the super cool guys from Bend Goods ( Thanks Daniel!! ) and visited their equally super cool studio ( and i mean SUPER cool)

I love their mid century style and fun use of colours. Founded in 2010, Bend is a design and manufacturing company they design functional products for the home and public spaces, including furniture, lighting and other goods, with a commitment to being innovative and playful i real like their Vibe!

Note Bend Goods collection valuable from Own World in Australia also

click here to Check out their awesome collection

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blues, timber and brass


Currently Im loving mixing Timber and Brass with shades of Blue –  Blue is one of my all time favourite shades just like the ocean and the big blue sky!  This decorating mix is classic, calm and casual and yet still Modern. Why don’t you give it a try!

Here are some great finds from some great Stores here in The USA!IMG_4427 IMG_4428IMG_4434



1. Jonathan Adler Blue Large Globo Box  2. Target Home Ceramic Whale Figurine

3. One Kings Lane To The Moon Pillow  4. Bludot Real Good Chair

5. HD Buttercup Linen Throw 6. One Kings Lane Fairmont Brass Table Lamp

7. Taget Home Wood Bird Figurine 8. West Elm Wood Tiled 3- Drawer Dresser

9. Kelly Wearstler Classic Mini Kiss 10. West Elm Suede Catchall

11. Bludot Swish Console Desk 12. Crate and Barrel Acacia Wedge Server



san francisco

IMG_4362 So hello from San Francisco! so far I have checked in to The Good Hotel –  checked out the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Painted Ladies (its’ a term in American architecture used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details) you know we have all seen these on TV!  and also found good coffee at Front Im loving it here in San fran it kinda reminds me of home (Melbourne and Sydney) The architecture here is sooo pretty everywhere you look!FullSizeRender copy 19 FullSizeRender copy 16 FullSizeRender copy 17 FullSizeRender copy 18