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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

electric confetti

I have fallen for the neon delights of Electric Confetti 

Electric Confetti is the work of Melbourne-based designer and illustrator Natalie Jarvis. Each artwork is created in the fresh modern medium of LED neon.

Electric Confetti was created as a fun and inexpensive way to bring the nostalgic feel of vintage neon advertising into the home.

click here to see more choose from existing designs or create custom works too!

2_5b4b04a1-de42-46d3-9684-3fef6a5c873d_grande EC_1201_6687_1024x1024 EC_1201_6736_grande ElectricConfetti-5_1024x1024 Natalie_c3d5bb4d-d5ed-455d-af5f-581cd2bf2fab_1024x1024 Blue walls in boy's room The vintage chair


pause for harmony iittala x issey miyake

Im loving Pause for Harmony a collaboration between two classic icons Iittala and Issey Miyake a collection of ceramics and textiles for the home click here for more details 

CfqwxKUXIAABirn ittalaxmiyake_00-600x424-480x339 iittala-IXI-series-page Iittala-X-Issey-Miyake-pause-for-harmony-Oslo

add layers at home in the cooler months

Winter is coming and it’s all about accessories right! add layers. textiles and texture to your living room like you do your wardrobe. Sophia (and I) are loving this Alpaca Throw from St Albans living

Click here to buy

Photography by Strecker and Dahl

S&D 013JG Palm Beach 12 April 2016-108 S&D 014JG Palm Beach 12 April 2016-115

the pot plant man – caring for fiddle leaf figs


Everyone including me still loves a fiddle leaf fig, the super star of the plant world, indoor plants certainly are more than a trend and are a great way to decorate your space.

My friend The Pot Plant Man shares his first guest column here on MJG with how to look after everyones favourite and forever in style indoor plant.

Follow The Pot Plant man here in Instagram too


Here are the Pot Plant Man’s top tips

Lets start with the basic needs of caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I water my Figs when the top 50mm of soil (2 inches) is feeling dry. Do this by sticking in your finger and giving it a feel. Soon enough you’ll work out how often you need to water. Keep in mind this my fluctuate based on the change of seasons.

Keep your Fig in bright indirect light, which means that the light beams are not hitting the plant directly.

Ensure that your Fiddle Leaf Fig is potted in rich, well-draining soil. I mix in a slow release fertilizer and a well composted chicken manure which mine seem to love.
When the soil looks tired I refresh it with some more slow release fertilizer and good quality potting mix dug into the top.

During the growing season (October-March). I use a liquid fertilizer every fortnight. I find this gives mine the best results. It’s important to remember to not feed your plant during winter.

Cleaning the leaves:
Because your plants live indoors they don’t get a regular wash from the rain like thier outdoor friends. This leads to an accumulation of dust which stops the plant from breathing. So what I do is give it wipe over with a soft damp cloth about once a month. This will help your Fig breathe happily.

All in all your Fiddle Leaf Fig will be happy and healthy if you pay attention to its needs on a regular basis and show it some love.
Happy gardening! from MJG and the Pot Plant Man!

bassike opens at the strand

Australian fashion favourite Bassike have just opened their latest store at the Strand in Sydney, The label Synomomous with cool showcases their mens and woman collection in a space designed by Akin creative.

Shop 59-61, Level 1

The Strand Arcade

412-414 George Street


IMG1044_S02_013final IMG1044_S03_094final IMG1044_S04_040final IMG1044_S05_048final IMG1044_S05_059final IMG1044_S06_070 1final IMG1044_S01_007final


miranda skoczek “fragments and fantasy”

Favourite Artist and long time friend Miranda Skoczek‘s latest (Sydney) exhibition “fragments and fantasy” is now showing at Art House Gallery ( I attended the opening last night) The exhibition showcases her signature bold, colourful, dreamlike style there is a explosion of colour, I love this latest group of work a slight new feel whilst still capturing her signature style.

head in to the gallery or view it here

IMG_2933 ms16_ ms16_free_form ms16_opposites ms16_prelude

jack + jack bondi store now open

Local fashion brand and one of my favourites Jac + Jack has just opened in Bondi.

Located at shop 3 82 – 92 Gould Street Bondi 2026

Store design by George Livissianis, photography by Tom Ferguson

11694900_1254739341206347_7325589234573083696_n 12439191_1254739197873028_3832896100561833182_n 12909442_1254739797872968_5758181657744876409_o 12920417_1254738954539719_4274225892364702581_n 12961310_1254739141206367_1190081419577511933_o 12970863_1254739444539670_8156356491986230703_o

I wear a lot of hats and have a few different job titles and description, stylist, author, creative director etc…

In celebration of his recently announced co-ownership with denim brand G-Star RAW, ‘Head of Imagination’ Pharrell Williams (possibly the coolest job title right?! ) invited a select group of guests to visit the ‘RAW Factory’ at G-Star’s Amsterdam HQ, giving them an all access peek inside the brand at the forefront of the denim industry.

Williams opened the doors to his new denim home at G-Star HQ leading guests through a variety of spaces including the brand’s vast archive of vintage workwear and military garments, in-house atelier, and denim lab. Guests were fully immersed in G-Star’s progress – rather than heritage – driven world of denim, showing them creations from the fabric, as they have never seen before.

The event follows last month’s announcement of Pharrell becoming co-owner of G-Star, following two years of collaboration between G-Star and Pharrell William’s company Bionic Yarn on RAW for the Oceans, a collection made using the first denim from recycled ocean plastic.

Pharrell Williams: “I’ve been working with G-Star for several years now. Through our RAW for the Oceans project with Bionic Yarn, I saw their commitment to creating denim that has a positive impact on our planet. Together we experienced the feeling that there is so much yet to be done with that fabric. It is latent with potential, and that is why we took our relationship to the next level – I want to be a part of that journey. I believe in the future of G-Star.”


16183003 RAW_FT_Pharrell_Denim Lab tour_007 16183003 RAW_FT_Pharrell_RAW Space_017 16183003 RAW_FT_Pharrell_Speech_088

think pink

A little colour to brighten up your day – it’s grey and raining here in Sydney today! picture taken at Paul Smith on Melrose in LA (my happy place!)


sp01 collection from space furniture

Im loving tsp01he brand new SP01 collection (just launched) its clean simple lines, the pieces mix light timber with upholstery and some pops of colour in store at Space Furniture

Photography Jason Busch

SP01_Anita_31 SP01_Anita_35 SP01_Clarke_45 SP01_Clarke_47 SP01_Etoile_2 SP01_Etoile_17 SP01_Holland_11 SP01_Max_3 2 SP01_Max_3 SP01_Max_7 2