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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

bludot austin

Bludot Austin was our last stop on this amazing Away at Home USA Book tour – I cannot say a big enough thank you  to Bludot the team (well actually the Bludot family) in all their stores and Head Office have been truly beyond amazing, supportive, fun friendly and welcoming and HUGE thank you to you all for helping me fall in love with America!

Here is their Austin store (their newest) one of the many awesome reasons to visit Austin! a definite highlight of this trip!

I really loved this place!

They really do give good design oh and a whole lot more!

Bludot 416 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, Texas
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bottlecloth eco friendly table cloths



My favourite shades may be blue and yellow but its important to think green too! Allow me to introduce eco friendly Table Cloths from Bottle Cloth…

Concerned with the worldwide accumulation of plastic waste, founder Brenda saw reusable bags being used in supermarkets while on a trip to Australia in 2004. She immediately had a vision of bringing the idea to the States. A year later, together with her brother and son, she co-founded The Earthwise Bag Company. Today Earthwise Bag Company is a premier supplier of reusable grocery bags in the US (and abroad).

This theme prevailed as Brenda became frustrated at the lack of high-quality, eco-friendly, contemporary, and stylish table coverings that were also easy to use and care for (i.e. and would still look new after multiple washes!). After an extensive global search for just the right good-for-the-environment textile, she landed on 100% recycled woven polyester.

Using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and transforming them into table coverings is an essential part of BottleCloth’s eco-mindful mission. Through a multi-step process, the plastic bottles are made into a fiber, which is then woven into a polyester cloth, resulting in a fabric that closely resembles woven cotton.

The end result is a modern-day woven polyester fabric that is highly durable, extremely soft, low maintenance, and spill-resistant. This wash-and-go, sustainable textile was exactly the canvas she had been searching for to bring her designs to life. Brenda can be found daily in her studio using a variety of large brushes, inks and paints, working on designs that may ultimately form part of the table coverings line.

BottleCloth’s debut Inspiration Collection is a compilation of big fluid brushstrokes representing freedom of movement, bold colors and contemporary geometric shapes (infusing a bit of humor and a modern spin on traditional gingham designs). An exciting addition to her line, Sacks teamed up with Danish Illustrator Ulla Puggaard on two of her table cloth designs. Brenda’s modern interpretation of tabletop chic can be seen in every detailed BottleCloth table covering.

“To put something on the table that is artistic and interesting to look at and will enhance the look and ambience of the dining area …. At the end of the day BottleCloth is all about bringing people together around a table….” – Brenda.

Im loving their bold and fun debut collection with more to come soon Click here to see more and to buy online



aquabumps art insitu

Just when I feel like I have been away from Bondi for ages heres a little something from Home…

I have know the awesome team behind Aquabumps Eugene and Deb since moving to Bondi – I like their style, I have even styled their Home for Inside Out Magazine, remember it was on the cover…

Eugene is Bondi’s best photographer no one quite captures Bondi like him.

Aquabumps have an awesome Gallery space in Bondi and also sell prints (frame and unframed) online. Since discovering his work we have for ages talked about a collaboration and have wanted to create some insitu room shots to show you how good these artworks are going to look in real spaces. So we set out creating some real room sweet ups to showcase the art.

Buying art is hard enough but then having to visualise how its going to look can be tricky for the best of us – so hey presto here you go, we created some beautiful images so you can have a better idea of how these awesome prints ( I have two of my very own) will look on your walls!

My number one tip for Art at Home – size matter think big!

Photography James Geer all furniture, rugs and lighting Jardan Styling by Me.

Click here to take a look online or head in to their Gallery

Aquabumps 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia. Tel: 02 9130 7788




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uncommon objects

IMG_6556 Uncommon Objects is the BEST vintage/antiques store I have found in ages! full (and I mean FULL) of all kinds of wonderful that won’t fit in my suitcase! They put it best…

We relish the time worn and well loved.

We are crazy about genuine patina.

We cherish folk arts and parlor crafts from around the world.

We reflect the melting pot that is the American experience.

We adore ingenious repair.

We thrill at creative solutions.

We love good design.

We honor beauty found in unexpected places.

We enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

We are inspired by the joy found in serendipity.

We are Uncommon Objects.

You MUST visit! Uncommon Objects 1512 South Congress Ave. Austin,Texas

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hello from texas

IMG_6457 I had never been to Austin before – everyone who had, has said what a cool city it is and it’s true Austin is cool! The coolest street in town is definitely South Congress Ave filled with cool places to eat, shop and people watch – be sure to check it out!

FullSizeRender copy 25 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6300 IMG_6325 FullSizeRender copy 26 FullSizeRender copy 27 FullSizeRender copy 28

see you soon austin


See you Wednesday Night at Bludot Austin


studio visit klein reid


IMG_5944Whilst in New York I have made some awesome new friends James and David are Klein Reid, they produce an amazing collection of ceramics out of their studio that I had to visit whilst in town of course! click here to see and learn more – I love New York!


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win 2 tickets to melbourne workshop with the broad place

My friends at The Broad Place (who taught me how to mediate) are traveling to Melbourne to host an afternoon workshop at The Art Series Hotel on Saturday 2nd of May on the essence of how to live a High Grade Life. It will be filled with philosophy, ground breaking thinking and practical ways in which to apply this. Jac from The Broad Place will be teaching about integrity and authenticity and high grade thinking which I’m totally into. Afternoon tea will be served and a little time to chat with the other interesting guests. You will walk away not only inspired but armed with many ways in which to have a high grade life personal to you. As a good friend of Jac’s, I have a double pass to give away to one of you to join in with a friend… click over to Instagram to see how

click here to learn more from The Broad Place

Melbourne High Grade Living Instagram - MJG Giveaway2



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store visit schatzi

Some times when travelling you find the best things by accident – I was just walking along Mission Street  and stumbled across Schatzi a really cool vintage Home and Personal Effects store that I loved!

Schatzi 1908 Mission Street San Francisco

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