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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

hamyard hotel london

Earlier in the year we were fortunate enough to stay at the incredible and I mean incredible Ham Yard Hotel in London We had a wonderful stay in the impeccably decorated hotel click here to read my article on the Expedia Travel Blog



my domaine australia launch and MJG home tour

My Domaine has just launched this week here in Australia (the sister site to their US site) its’s an exciting site a hub for all things to inspire you for the home. Part of the launch week you can see an exclusive Home Tour of our home in Bondi, along with shop-able link to buy some of my favourite pieces.

click here to read the (awesome) article and to see more pictures

Photography Jacqui Turk


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ivy muse

Everyone knows I LOVE indoor plants and the latest Calypso collection from Ivy Muse is the perfect way to display them at home.

Launched in Spring of 2014, IVY MUSE is a botanical wares studio based in Melbourne. They design beautiful, functional plant stands and botanical wares that encourage you to get creative with your greenery.

Ivy Muse is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan. Jacqui, founder of art retailer ‘Signed & Numbered’, together with Alana, interiors stylist and owner of online boutique ‘Hunt & Bow’, launched the label after struggling to find high quality plant stands without compromising on design or quality.

Made from steel – for durability and strength – then powder coated to add intense colour and a perfect finish, IVY MUSE plant stands are designed by Alana and Jacqui and are made from start to finish in Melbourne.

Click here to see more and to buy online

Photography Annette O’Brien


garage sale trail 2015

Garage Sale Trail is on again this year!

Saturday 24th of October its a super Saturday nation-wide of Garage Sales

Now in it’s fifth year, the award wining Garage Sale is Australia’s biggest REUSE event. We’re about sustainability, meeting the neighbours , having fun, and making money while you’re at it!

Everyone can get involved and it’s free for sellers and shoppers.

For sellers – you can hold a sale as a household, street, community group, school, charity or even as a local business. You can make money for yourself, or fundraise for a cause.

For shoppers – it’s truly the way to find the treasure in your neighbourhood! Each year there’s more than 3 million items for sale! Last year you could buy anything from designer shoes to a hovercraft to a house!

It’s the biggest community and sustainability event in Australia, so get involved!

Register your Garage Sale or find sales here too and join the Trail

Photography Chris Prestidge / At Dusk

Jason-1-3 Jason-1-5 Jason-1

mjg shopstyle edit

header_logo 7e49256bbc48f6d9d6214924de936464 MRJG_new_title

Check out my (men’s) Fashion and things for the Home edit over on ShopStyleIMG_0197 IMG_0258


cloud series by mr frag

I recently stumbled across Mr Frag and his cloud series Table. ( well actually I shot at his house and met him and the tables in the process) The Mr Frag Cloud Series Table is a series of three tables made with honed marble and timber -Allowing the elements to speak subtly together they are simple and timeless, timber and marble ( a winning combination) never go out of style.

Click here to learn more

Available from Cult Design and Spence & Lyda

1434602197202 Cloud+table+dimensions web-cloud-lemon-sm web-parts web-with-ch25

new from the beach people

OK so the weather has turned and it feels like we are back to winter (again) but summer is coming!

I love The Beach People the makers of The Original Round Towel. Their latest limited edition towel “Palm Springs ” has a distinct tribal feel. So it was only fitting for them to shoot this in at The Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs – one of my all time favourite places – if you haven’t been its a must vist and only a short drive from Los Angles, it truly is an amazing place – just like this towel!

Photography Yoon Kim

Click here for their online store or click here to find a stockist


new from kip & co

The team behind Kip & Co have just released a brand new collection for spring/summer, of course its bold, fun and colourful! It also includes a collaboration with my friend and Stylist Sarah Ellison, take a look below or click here to see more and to buy online

I asked the 3 fabulous woman behind the brand to give me a little insight into their world – guaranteed its got to be colourful right!

1. where do you live?

Barwon heads located an hour out of Melbourne on the Bellarine Peninsula – Hayley

2. how would you describe the look of your home?

We recently purchased an old 70’s retro brown brick which comes complete with floral royal blue carpet and orange kitchen. We are not retro fans so it’s undergoing a renovation right now!!. – Hayley

3. what is your favourite thing in your home?

My favourite thing in my home is my sleek American Oak timber bed made for us by my husband James’ business, Concrete Architecture – Hayley

4. what do you collect?

Memories mostly but certainly have a love for rugs and seem to have a good collection of bedding funnily enough! – Hayley

5. what are you loving right now?

I’m loving Spanish euro inspired interiors and rustic raw use of materials in the home… I’m heavily in the design process of our new home so being inspired by interiors at the moment. Also loving loads of fresh young coconut and chia puddings – Hayley

6. coffee tea or?

decaf – Hayley (but thats true for us all!)

7. what is on your shopping list?

Food wise everything and it’s a full trolley at the end. Apart from food it’s new furniture … Would loooove a Togo couch for the new house and Oly lights from Coco Republic … Dream on! – Hayley

We spend time everyday at the beach where we live (Point Lonsdale) – rockpooling, swimming, walking the dog. It’s pretty heavenly down here. We just love the beach so much. – Kate


Gertrude Street Fitzroy for sure. It has everything! I love Third Drawer Down for gifts, Dagmar Rousset and Obus for clothing, Pressed Juices for amazing drinks and foodie options are endless. From Casa Ciuccio to Enoteca to Cutler & Co to Ladro to Trippy Taco – breakfast lunch and dinner we are beyond spoilt on gertrude st. – Kate


Saturday – Mal is around and we often have friends from Melbourne visit for the night which we love. – Kate


A real favourite for me is the Geelong Vintage Market. I end up there often for a fossick. Somedays you find nothing and other days you find treasures like nothing else around. Have a good hour up your sleeve if you ever hit this place. It’s enormous. – Kate


Rita’s in Abbotsford is my absolute favourite spot to eat right now. We go once a week after work as it is right near our studio. – Kate


I make a healthy and delicious chicken vegetable soup with a full chook, lots of herbs and garden vegies. Mal and our little fella Zig love it with crusty bread and butter. I make an irrestible salted butter in the thermomix too. – Kate


Champagne. Enough said. – Kate

15. favourite holiday destination?

You can’t have just one can you? I’d get a round the world ticket Tokyo – Rome – Marrakesh – New York – Melbourne – Alex

16. favourite quote?

We are all sitting in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Oscar Wilde. – Alex

17. what are you reading?

Gold finch by Donna Tart. – Alex

18. Music are you listening to?

Loving Jungle, Saw at Laneway this year and still on repeat.

19. what are you working on right now?

Finding more balance in my life! – Alex

20. what/who are you inspired by?

Kate and Hayley inspire me! And other small business owners who are giving something original a crack and doing it with grace and generosity. – Alex

Kip&Co-Day1-Beach-13 Kip&Co-Day2-102 Kip&Co-Day2-240 Kip&Co-Day2-399 Kip&Co-Day2-492 Kip&Co-Day2-502 Kip&Co-Day2-734 Kip&Co-Day3-040 Kip&Co-Day3-153 Kip&Co-Day3-478 Kip&Co-Day3-650

eq village markets

Last weekend we headed to the EQ Village Markets and had a great time and shopped up a storm! With all kinds of produce available its a great thing to do on a Saturday! for more details click here


good vibes yoga

Melbourne mega babe and Artist Kirra Jamison has just opened her very own (dream) yoga space Good Vibes Yoga is a lesson in simplicity and great design, I love the parred back space, minimal but inviting interior with its soft colour palette and natural elements along with the addition of numerous indoor plants, I love it! I can’t wait to squeeze in a class when I next have time in Melbourne (soon I promise) Congrats on and awesome achievement!

Click here to learn more or to see the class timetable


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