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time to get real




Is the rise of ‘replica’ furniture killing local creativity and manufacturing – what can be done about it?

When a fake ROLEX or Louis Vuitton handbag is universally considered to be a ‘copy’ – why is fake designer furniture called ‘replica’?

If it’s illegal to download a bit torrent movie or a book – why is it legal in Australia to copy original designer furniture and lighting?

Despite unprecedented demand for fake designer furniture, Australia lags behind European counterparts with intellectual property protection for product designers, and the term ‘replica’ presently allows companies to manufacture and sell copies of original designs, resellers going as far as using the original creator’s name in marketing.

How would you react if your work was plagiarised?

A panel of award-winning designers join major retailers to explore what can be done to protect the future of the Australian design community in constructive discussion on a burning industry topic.

MODERATED by design journalist / curator – Anne-Maree Sargeant




Panel //

DAVID TRUBRIDGE – internationally acclaimed designer (via Skype)

SARAH GIBSON – designer & co-founder of DESIGN BY THEM

ANTHONY COLLINS, MD Stylecraft – founding member of Authentic Design Alliance

CHRIS ROUND, K&L GATES – intellectual property lawyer

A constructive discussion on how designers can protect their design IP.

STYLECRAFT – 225 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Tuesday June 2nd // 6.00-8.00pm

Drinks served on arrival.


DIA / GA Early Bird – $30.00 // DIA accredited CPD points

General Admission – $40.00

pampa horses

Ok so I have been admiring these for a little too long so – i finally have gotten around to sharing with you. For me their is something magical about the graceful and strong animal that is the horse. Maybe its a fondness from childhood we grew up with them on our walls (paintings and over our back fence) These images from Pampa capture this fine animal at their magnificent best

Pampa is a homegrown business based in Bangalow, Northern NSW. A collaboration between two photographers – one from Argentina, the other from Australia – Pampa represents the coming-together of two worlds, two visions and two cultures. Aiming to explore art, preserve heritage and empower culture, Pampa explore some of Argentina’s most remote indigenous communities, bringing home with them the finest rugs and cushions that have been handwoven using traditional Argentinian materials, designs and techniques. From their home to yours, Pampa textiles are fairly traded with some of Argentina’s most talented artists

click here to see the entire collection and to buy online

Pampa also have an amazing collection of rugs and cushions click to see them too



new from castle and things

Im loving this brand new big charcoal flower collection from Castle and Things Never afraid of colour and pattern its the perfect colour injection for your bedroom this winter.

Click here to see more and to buy online

castle_10_g main_image_20150521


So I had a revelation I have decided that my new (temporary) wheels should match my favourite place in Bondi (incase you were wondering that is Icebergs Pool) Besides its almost winter and I am in need of a little colour in my day to day to get me through!

The colour “Mint Milkshake” screams summer (hurry back I say!) and is rather similar to the colour Ocean that I created for Major Minor too huh!

The car is compact, cute and fun to drive!

Click here for more details and keep your eyes peeled for the Fiat in Sydney!

Follow me on Instagram here and Fiat Australia here and check out a little magic I made below, just to show you how much I love this colour which you may have seen here on Lonny Magazine


IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1429 IMG_1432

stephen ormandy and louise olsen show at art15 london

Celebrated Australian Artists and co-founders of Dinosaur Designs Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen unveil their latest body of work, in partnership with the Olsen Irwin gallery, at ART15 London, held at Olympia from 21 – 23 May 2015. It is the first time that the pair has shown at the London art fair, and their works will appear alongside other artists from the Olsen Irwin stable, including works by Lucien Freud, Henry Moore, Nicholas Harding and John Olsen.

Stephen Ormandy’s paintings (below) and sculptures are inspired by the natural world. The foundation of his painting is a strong design element together with a great understanding of the nuance and potential of colour and form. He works with solid colour and soft organic shapes which bounce off each other, creating an enduring vibrancy. In the works on show in London,

Ormandy explores the intersection of the natural world with the digital age, using line, tone, shape and colour. His sculptures, created from marble and gesso on pine, bring a 3D element to this exploration of the relationship between the digital and natural world.

Louise Olsen will be exhibiting a collection of Liquid Moon tables and her new Moon table inspired by natural forms (below) including a selection of new pieces which resemble artful agate forms with mesmerising patterns. The colours range from cool blues to vibrant warm orange and red tones, with a smaller table in a rich yellow. Each table is a created by hand in the iconic Dinosaur Design resin.

Talk Talk by Stephen OrmandyGuardian by Stephen Ormandy Liquid Moon (Large) by Louise Olsen Liquid Moon (Medium) by Louise Olsen Liquid Moon tables by Louise Olsen

bts major minor bed shoot

Working on shoots for brands big or small is one of my favourite parts on my job, Working to create something out of nothing in a photographic studio is fun for an interior stylist, with a big imagination. I also love it when i get to put on my Producer/Art director hat and help the client come up with the concept too.

Im a big fan of beautiful linen so working on shoots for Major Minor is always a pleasure, and of course I get to see their new colours and designs first!

I always have fun with what I do – otherwise why would you dot it – Look even making the bed can be fun! Oh and a little bit of instagraming goes on of course! Oh and look I’m actually wearing (sensible studio) shoes not always perpetually barefoot!

Are you a fan of a neat or messy bed?

Photo credit Matt Hoggett

Wall colour Murobond Night Owl



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bondi wash dog wash

I love supporting local and working with brands big and small.

Bondi Wash is one such brand, they only launched 18 months ago, just like me they are based in Bondi in fact we are neighbours. I was booked by an agency when they were about to launch to help style their first campaign and help them create their very own look, it eems they haven’t looked back! Im so proud of what they have achieved it’s testament to hard work and a good idea ( oh and awesome products) and  I genuinely love their products and yes even Sophia our Boston Terrier gets to enjoy their awesome natural products with their range for dogs!

Click here to see the entire range for people and pooches and to buy online

11265025_684523444986701_8212110192928919766_n_Yp7cw5uQt3-KTR79Z3546pBLynejvpXCP_4b4EGSZA 4MshvSFV0fXa-7iYNYzXpO7bn1dyc5HRlPMNNbitzI4 169Iqb0X223al-TXDtfmTGAmLpWbgOAQ3NrYXVGhlHg

page thirty three x blacklist

Im loving this collab between Page Thirty three and Blacklist two of my local favourite design Teams.

click here to buy it from Blacklist or click here to buy it from Page Thirty Three and as they say “Good Vibes only”

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a pop of yellow with moody blues from country road

Its no secret yellow is one of my favourite shades mixed with moody blues its the perfect pop of colour in these cooler months. Don’t we all need something to brighten out day!

An early start requires coffee (always) and a quick (healthy) breakfast – usually cereal and always a banana.Why not serve these up in your favourite shade! My usual morning routine is to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and take our Boston Terrier Sophia for a walk, somehow she always manages to find the perfect hiding spot on the sofa amongst the cushions (she isn’t a morning person either) If I’m up super early for an early shoot call time I will make a Push the button coffee at home otherwise my preferred is Panama House – my Bondi regular morning pit stop – where I love a coffee and a chat with the locals.

Winter in Bondi is just as beautiful as summer, Its Australia’s most famous Beach and I love to call Bondi home. Its beautiful all year round and in winter just as so it’s just that the tones of the beach and ocean are deeper and more moodier. The beach isn’t always about summer and swimming (which I love) I love the ever changing shades of the sea and a little fossaking after the storm you never know what you might find, perhaps a fallen branch perfect for a vase at home.

A perk of being an interior Stylist is there are often flowers at home, left over from photo shoots often. I love the instant pick me up of popping fresh flowers into a vase at home – they need not be expensive. My favourite include Peonies and garden roses but just choose what looks best on the day, These water lilies caught my eye! Flowers are great for adding a little  bit of cheer especially in the cooler months when things can feel a bit grey. Why do I love yellow you ask? well it such a fun happy colour, really it just adds a bit of sunshine to our home and makes me smile! Colour is a signature to my decorating style and you can’t underestimate the power of a pop of colour. Adding just a pop of colour is an easy way for those not brave enough to add a large splash to your space . So think small perhaps a cup a cushion or even a towel in the bathroom to add a little splash of colour. The best place to take colour inspiration you ask? I take my queues from nature. If you’re not sure and lack colour confidence take a look inside your wardrobe – if its a colour you like to wear chances are its a great colour to decorate with at home.

Sponsored post for Country Road styled by MJG shot at Home

photography Chris Prestidge for At Dusk

MJG wears Country Road T- shirt

All products (Yellow) and Vase, Jug and Cutlery featured available now from Country Road in store and online Shop the look now

Items on Sideboard and String and scissors Stylists own

Flowers from The Bondi Markets

Artwork featured from Aqua Bumps

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first look at muji sydney now open

The wait is over Muji Sydney is now Open

Muji First Floor The Galleries 500 George street Sydney


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