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food fashion love – fleur wood

My clever friend Fashion Designer Fleur Wood has released her second/follow up book Food Fashion Love. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this beautiful book that Fleur shares her signature style, its in good book store this week.

Food Fashion Love

the protractor lamp – page thirty three

New from local Aussie design favourites Page Thirty Three is The Protractor Lamp, part of their latest collection, I love this simple utilitarian design, simply  rotate and lock into position, a perfect lamp for any space or style of home and excitedly made in Australia. Keep your eyes peeled more from their collection that I will be sharing soon. Click here to take a look



urban couture

My friends at Urban Couture have opened a Pop Up shop showcasing their spring/summer collection NOW OPEN!

Urban Couture Pop Up shop Moore Park Supa Centre 2 Todman Ave Kensington NSW

Open until January

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lost in paradise – blacklist

I have long been a fans of Sydney based studio Blacklist

Nathan and Jaynie are really nice people and I love their simple, graphic artworks along with their uplifting message . Its hard to open a decorating magazine or watch a renovating show with out spotting something from their work. It seems being loved up is “totally in fashion”

new collection available now click here to buy



love3-01-large wildfree-01-large-1 cestlavie-01-large niceview-01-large paradise-01-large romance-01-large theblock-01-large

holiday at home extras

We had great fun making my latest book. there are so many great photographs in Holiday at Home / Away at Home (USA version) but there are also lots that didn’t quite make it that we love too, so here is the first of a few that I’m going to share…

Photo Lauren Bamford


photo copy 4

at dusk photography workshops

At Dusk Photography are running spring workshops click here for more details


living it large in small spaces

Domo are hosting an exhibition, called Living It Large in Small Spaces, until Friday 19 September at Allpress, located at 80 Rupert Street, Collingwood.

A creative collaboration with renowned Melbourne-based interiors practice, Hecker Guthrie to showcase contemporary French furniture brand, Ligne Roset.

The exhibition displays iconic Ligne Roset products, hand selected by Hecker Guthrie’s award-winning directors, Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie. The products will be showcased throughout five distinct spaces themed Eat, Live, Sleep, Work and Outdoor.

Photo Credits Shannon McGrath


HG_Domo_©smg_148606 HG_Domo_©smg_148612 HG_Domo_©smg_148626 HG_Domo_©smg_148771 copy 2 HG_Domo_©smg_149109


the maggies – vote for your favourite magazine cover

If like me you love reading magazines, well why not vote for your favourite magazine cover in The Maggies Awards Click here to vote! here are a few of my favourites in the running- which ones are yours?!



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bills Bondi and interview

Today I am excited not only to feature this interview with Bill Granger  (one of my foodie favourites) but to share that He has Just opened Bills Bondi!




where do you live?

Between Sydney and London.

what are some of your favourites on the new menu?

For breakfast the: sugar cured prawn and spring onion egg white omelette, spiced salsa rosso – delicious and light.

For lunch /dinner: cauliflower and tofu yellow curry, fresh coconut and apple chutney, brown rice and the: shrimp burger with jalapeno mayo, shaved radish, sesame gochujang

Tell me what you love about Bondi?

I love the Bondi neighbourhood. It has such a great energy and has really developed into a food destination. I have all my Darlinghurst neighbours [A Tavola, Messina etc] and other favourites like Maurice Terzini’s restaurants and Sensory Lab coffee.

Twenty-one years ago, Darlinghurst was my local, now Bondi is. Feels only natural to have a place around the corner from home. It’s quintessentially Sydney. I love its mix of roughed up urban beach glamour and down to earth local vibe. What could be more Sydney? A Bronte to Bondi ocean walk, a dip in the ocean and then breakfast at bills. Plus my kids are excited that our neighbour is Messina!

Tell us about the interior of the new Bondi space? /What was the direction /brief given to Meacham Nockles McQualter ?

I wanted it to feel like your dream beach house – pictures hanging on the wall, concrete floors, ratton chairs etc. I wanted it to feel comfortable and light. Meacham Nockles McQualter have again realised the vision at Bills in Bondi by creating a classy, unpretentious interior that is light, spacious and compliments the relaxed modern menu.

how would you describe the look of your home?

Eclectic. 3 kids. Art. Books. Fresh flowers. Fresh food. Social and lively – we are always entertaining.

what is your favourite thing in your home?

The kitchen stove gets the most use.

 what do you collect?

Japanese pottery. I purchase something every time I am in Japan.

 what are you loving right now?

My family. My 14 year old [daughter] has stronger opinions than me!

 coffee tea or?


 favourite street to shop in?

Gould St in Bondi for the organic vege’s and hipster shirts.

favourite place to shop?

Liberty London [http://www.liberty.co.uk/]  a great collection.

favourite place to eat ( other than Bills)?

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta

what is your signature dish & drink?

Signature dish: Ricotta hotcakes which Gelato Messina has re-imagined as an exclusive flavour available at both bills in Bondi and Messina outlets.

Signature drink: champagne or a green juice

favourite holiday destination?

Hawaii and Cape Cod.

favourite quote?

“80 percent of life is just turning up” Woody Allen

what are you reading?

The Paying Guest by Sarah Waters

what are you listening to?

Whatever the kids are listening to. At the moment that is the Frozen soundtrack.

working on at the moment?

Bills in Bondi

what/who are you inspired by?

Tate Modern Matisse exhibition

Here is an exclusive look at the inside of Bills Bondi designed by Meacham Nockles McQualter

Bills Bondi 79 Hall Street Bondi Beach Now Open!

bills in Bondi ©Anson Smart - 2bills in Bondi ©Anson Smart


Photography Anson Smart




Click to buy a signed copy here