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use your illusions new from page thirty three

Theres no denying that local design team Page Thirty three are super dynamic, I love there fresh unique approach to design. Their new collection ‘Use Your Illusions’ explores future worlds from the past. They are inspired by primitive form, ancient ritual, and modern living. Slipping into a parallel universe they are drawn to utopian ideals about living a simple existence which is more connected to nature.

Page Thirty Three’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to nish the piece. Primitive and geometric forms slide, collide, and interlock to form functional objects.
While many objects involve the user piecing the components together to make large simple puzzles or personalized equations, others which come assembled tell this story visually, as construction lines stay visible. There is a basic childish satisfaction felt from ‘solving the puzzle’ which enhances the bond between human and object.

Each piece in the collection has a sculptural aesthetic which seeks to evolve the cultural hierarchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual. Just as ancient cultures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Use Your Illusions seeks to assimilate this into our modern world.

I love that Page Thirty Three are inspired by historic space age design, and visions of the future, from the past. Define sci reference can be seen which I love! There is a definite retro modern feel to everything they create.

“ I love looking at how the future was forecast 50 years ago, and comparing it to how we live today.
In most cases I like the alternate space age visions that I saw on the big screen, and dreamt up as a kid, much more.
I think a lot of what we design comes from these childhood obsessions and play time.
For so much of the day, the mind wanders along creative paths of new worlds and parallel universes, where you build your own life and space.
Primarily ‘Use your Illusions’ has grown from these daydreams.
The objects which appear now, stem from this brain play. They accessorize the dream world.
The most ful lling part of design is pulling these ideas out of the aether and bringing them into existence.”
Ryan Hanrahan, Creative Director

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This sideboard is going to a new home. Its time for an update at home, change is coming! – I’ll be sure to keep you updated here and on Instagram…

Print from my friends at Aquabumps



Im excited to partner with iconic Australian brand R.M.Williams It’s taken me a little time to fine tune my own aesthetic and style ( for the home and in fashion ) when asked to describe my signature style I like to think it is relaxed, laid back, casual and quintessentially Australian. I love to travel overseas as much as I can but I always love to come home.

It doesn’t get much more Australian than R.M.Williams founded in 1932 the classic Australian clothier still produces a collection of hard wearing clothes and footwear made here in Australia. For this project I proudly doned my pair of classic boots and styled up some of their classic mens garments and what better location than on a classic Aussie backyard clothes line!

R.M.Williams is as Australian to me as vegemite! a traditional and iconic part of our country, I think its important to embrace where you are from. Im alway proud to call Australia home!

Photos Jacqui Turk

MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-2 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-5 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-8 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-10 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-11 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-12 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-15 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-18 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-24 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-27 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-28 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-30 MJGforRM's_jacquiturk-42

Chalmers Pyjamas

I love this cheeky and fun collection of printed PJs from Chalmers Pyjamas created by Byron Bay artist Nick Chalmers. perfect for those lazy weekends click here to see more (launching real soon)

ChalmersPyjamas_0124 copy ChalmersPyjamas_0124 ChalmersPyjamas_0164 copy ChalmersPyjamas_0164 ChalmersPyjamas_0279 copy ChalmersPyjamas_0279 ChalmersPyjamas_0410 copy ChalmersPyjamas_0410 ChalmersPyjamas_0481 copy ChalmersPyjamas_0481 ChalmersPyjamas_0598 copy

paul smith sydney

Iconic English fashion designer Paul Smith has opened in Sydney, I have long been a fan of this brand –  I love his traditional style but always with a twist! and not just for that (famous) pink wall of their Store on Melrose in LA!

Paul Smith Sydney now Open Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt Street Mall Level 3 shop 3053 Sydney

IMG_1562 IMG_1563 IMG_1564



mjg summer escape 16/17

Im excited to let you know that our second collection MJG Summer Escape 16/17 is launching mid September – of course there are stripes, fun colours and a casual vibe.

MJG is all about relaxed, honest natural style – Summer is coming and we have just what you need!

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new from heatherly design

spring has spring  at Heatherly Design – Im loving their latest collection of Bed heads – click here to see more

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I have been nominated (for the second year in a row) as a finalist in the Amara Interior Design Blog Awards for the best Australian blog!

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MJG at life instyle

Its a wrap! This last week was HUGE we launched the latest MJG collection at trade only Life Instyle – It was a huge success!

a BIG thank you to my awesome team! we did it again!


A BIG thanks also to all who came to see us – you are awesome thanks to you all for being my cheerleaders! I love your enthusiasm and support!

Don’t worry the collection ( Summer Escape ) will be online and in stores really soon – here’s our few days in Melbourne ( in pictures) at The Royal Exhibition building in highlight.

Thanks wonderful suppliers who helped make our stand and products look great!

sofa and coffee table Cult Design

Timber dining table  and plants Scout

Wall Colour (Gull) Murobond

Clothes airers ( used to display our textiles) Miss Glass Home

Flowers and greenery Flowers Vasette

Do what you love, do all you can to make it happen, dream big and do it!

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Your Home is your very own space, a place that should reflect who you are, place where you have things around you that tell a story and make you smile. It should be relaxed and lived in, you’re very own happy place – just the way you like it.