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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

winter in bondi

It’s winter here but who would know when the suns out! I promise it gets cold as soon as the sun begins to fade. I love the change in season, Bondi in winter is just as beautiful and a little less hectic than it is in Summer. Living in Bondi is like living in paradise…

Photography Jacqui Turk

MJG wears Bonds T shirt and Bassike pants

Sophia’s collar and lead Best in Park

MJG’s bag from Flamingo Merchant


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nathan + jac

Nathan + Jac is founded by three Melbourne-based stylists; Tammy Nathan, Jac Zarkovic and Bec Astrinakis.

Nathan + Jac curate collections that are the final layer in decorating ( like a handy edit/one stop shop)

Their  limited edition accessory packs have been hand picked so that every piece works together for a cohesive and contemporary look.


Click here to see their latest look Winter Wonderland


Nathan_Jac9310_Winter_Wonderland_Accessory_Pack_3_Cropped_1024x1024 Nathan_Jac9347_Accessory_Pack_2_1024x1024 Nathan_Jac9347_Accessory_Pack_4_Cropped_1024x1024


wall paper by mairead murphy

Mairead Murphy is a Melbourne-based illustrator and designer and has just launched “Great and Small” her first wallpaper collection.

Consisting of hand drawn animal characters the range is whimsical and colourful, you find such creatures as rabbits, bears, foxes, sea creatures, birds of all kinds and more.

My favourite design has to be “From up here” I can’t go past a palming and a Toucan!

click here to see more

mairead-murphy_great-and-small_wallpaper1 mairead-murphy_great-and-small_wallpaper2 mairead-murphy_great-and-small_wallpaper3 mairead-murphy_great-and-small_wallpaper4


pendant light hook from little bishop

Love this clever idea from Little Bishop

Designed and hand carved by Antony Richards of Hunter & Richards in Melbourne Australia, the Little Bishop was first released as a Kickstarter project on the 3rd February, 2015.

The first ceiling hook designed specifically for cable hung pendant lights, the Little Bishop positions and holds your pendant light fittings in saintly style.

Skilfully shaped and cast by hand, the cable is guided to “cloak” the Little Bishop with no knot, and a seamless hang from the ceiling makes it genuinely unique in form and function.

The Little Bishop is currently available for Pre Order, due for shipping after Wednesday 1st July, 2015.click here to buy

05-LittleBishop-640x956 Little-Bisho-Pendant-Light-Hook-Office Little-Bishop-Pendant-Light-Hook-Bedroom

society inc shield mirrors

Sibella Courts signature shield Mirrors are a covetable item ( I have one at home) click here to buy now from The Society Inc available in store and online now


Images Thanks To The Society Inc

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Sagitine have storage sorted in a stylish way. You can never have too much storage especially as an interior stylist.

Sagitine have a number of storage combinations available with a focus on boxes for your wardrobe and more – perfect for shoes and all kinds of other things you may need to store away. I love the fine craftsmanship and the lovely leather details.

click here to see the entire collection

Photography Jacqui Turk

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hotel original paris




Recently we visited Paris, it was my very first time and I LOVED it! it’s true Paris is magic! We stayed at the awesome and centrally located Hotel Original you can read all about it here check out the article I wrote for the Expedia Travel Blog 

All Photography Mr Jason Grant (taken on Canon)

This post is in partnership with my friends at Expedia


IMG_5154 IMG_5164 IMG_5277 IMG_5279 IMG_5284IMG_5157

assembly label bondi store

I love supporting local and I’m totally into creating a sense of neighbourhood, I get my coffee in the morning from my local I love seeing familiar faces…

Fashion brand Assembly Label has taken up permanent residence in Bondi. Their flagship Bondi concept store is a lesson in minimal but relaxed casual style and they certainly have the plant / fashion balance all worked out. I love the simple white, timber and introduction of greenery indoors into a retail fashion space – yes Im still mad for indoor plants!

Head in store for mens and womans fashion, accesorries, plants and a small selection of home wares.

Assembly Label

221 Bondi Road Boni 2026


Photography Jacqui Turk

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denver and liely

Im not a huge fan of whisky but I’m a big fan of supporting talented creatives just starting out who also make and design beautiful things. Case in point Denver and Liely and their beautifully designed whisky glass…

The Denver & Liely (D&L) Whisky Glass came about when  Designers Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner teamed up  and began an exploration into the diverse and often mysterious world of whisky. Wanting to improve on the drinking experience by exploring the deepest, darkest depths of their whisky collections the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass was born.

Traditionally the tumbler has been seen as the vessel of choice for the majority of whisky drinkers and the ‘whisky snifter’ relegated to the small group of true whisky tasters. D&L have now combined these worlds.

The hand-blown shape of the D&L Whisky Glass combines the benefits of taste and smell associated with a traditional whisky snifter with the versatility and style of a classic tumbler.

The wide base maximises the surface area of a standard measure, funneling the aromas through the tapered body to the optimally sized opening. This reveals the whisky’s full character.

The D&L whisky glass is perfect for however you choose your drink – Neat / on-ice / cocktails – whisky the way you like.

Its seems this is where design, intellect and hard work combine perhaps with a few drinks along the way!

click here to see more and to order

Cheers to these guys and their awesome design!

141025_Whisky_Glass-0150 141025_Whisky_Glass-0163

justina blakeney and her new book the new bohemians


Today we send 5 miniutes with LA based, super cool, super stylist, blogger and designer Justina Blakeney whom I met when I recently visited California. She has an awesome book out now The New Bohemians here I share a few of my favourite pages from the book- which is available in all good bookstores now!  Photography by the equally talented Dabito

Check out Justina’s Blog The Jungalow

So here we go…

where do you live?

We just bought a house right near the river in Los Angeles, CA

how would you describe the look of your home?

I call my home The Jungalow, because it’s wild like the jungle, but cozy and homey like a bungalow. I tend to layer colors and patterns and include plenty of greenery. I like to mix old and new to create unexpected vignettes. I am a maximalist, and I love mixing pieces from different cultures: a kilim rug with a kantha-covered ottoman, and a Moroccan wedding blanket next to a Mexican serape and Japanese ceramics—that’s my global jungalicious vibe.

what is your favourite thing in your home?

My daughter.

what do you collect?

Really, anything that makes me happy, and plants- lots of plants.

whats your mantra?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

what are you loving right now?

All-over patterns on furniture, and copper details.

coffee tea or?

Coffee (or coconut water)

what is on your shopping list? 

Cement tile and an enormous cactus for my living room.

whats your secret to a balanced life?

My mom once told me, You can have it all, just not all at the same time.

favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Cooking meals with my daughter.

favourite street to shop in?

In L.A. I love to walk down Abbot Kinney and Vermont in Los Feliz.

favourite day of the week/why?

Wednedays are fun. I work during the day and take my toddler to the korean spa in the evenings, then we take jacuzzis, brush our hair and then eat ramen. It’s awesome.

favourite place to shop?

Flea markets. We’re lucky to have so many great ones in LA.

favourite place to eat?

anywhere in Italy!

what is your signature dish?

I make a mean veggie lasagna.

favourite holiday destination?

Italy. I’m so excited to be going back there this summer actually!

what are you reading?

Instagram. :P oh and World of Interiors.

what are you listening to?

the Sam Cooke Pandora station

what are you working on right now?

The Justina Blakeney Home line launching in 2016

what/who are you inspired by? 

TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL–and that could mean to another continent or to the corner store. Being outside of your comfort zone–hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling new things and people

what makes you happy?

family, especially my daughter, Ida. Also: color, plants, good food, good health, my husband, good people, travel, painting, suzanis, sharing, laughter, movies, Game of Thrones, Instagram, Summer, puzzles, friends, Swimming, beaches, the smell of Meyer lemons, scrabble, and my book hitting the New York Times Best-seller list :D.

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