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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

away at home

Thought i’d share (again) a little video for Away at Home by Lauren Bamford and Keith Mason

du zen accessories

Im loving the new accessories from Du Zen!  born out of a desire to create wonderfully crafted leather accessories that embody multi-functionality and a sense of play.

Applying her industrial design background, creator Samantha Rogers (nee Duzenman) is fully immersed in every stage of the design process from conception to manufacture.

Always the perfect balance of playful and bold while still being practical, the Du Zen! design philosophy is epitomized by smart silhouettes and pops of colour.

The collection features wallets, pouches, clutches, backpacks, satchels and bags. All made locally and with great attention to detail.

Made exclusively from Du Zen! HQ in Melbourne, Australia since 2014.

The name Du Zen! is not just derived from her maiden name, Duzenman, but it is also an imperative sentence, calling to take action in a creative sense, hence the exclamation mark!

click here to see more

Styling: Marsha Golemac

Photography: Brooke Holm


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bludot la event


Hello good friends, new friends and old friends!

see you Wednesday night at The Bludot Showroom 8000 Melrose Ave 6-8pm for some drinks and book signing – can’t wait!


la la la

IMG_3228 So I made it! – Im in LA after a not so bad 13 hours in the air (Thanks Qantas)

Today is all Palm tress and Poolside taking it easy at The Standard in Hollywood

Its great to be back in LA lots of jacaranda, hibiscus, jasmine and bougainvillaea (Just like Home) Cheers JGIMG_3322

USA bound

IMG_3216 LA here I come – follow my adventures here and on Instagram


pearsons flower school

Recently (well when the Peonies we still in season) I attended a floral work shop thanks to Pearsons Florist

Always wanting to learn more, I learnt some simple tricks and tips to arranging, displaying and making flowers for the home last . It was totally fun and you can learn this tips and tricks too click here to learn more

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daily inspo

Colour and Style Inspo from Artist Miranda Skoczek as seen in Inside Out Magazine Photo credit Lauren Bamford



12 great things for your dog

It no secret to everyone we have a dog and yes we are totally a little be obsessed with Sophia the Boston Terrier! It not always easy to find super cool stuff for your pet so here’s 12 cool things I have found for your dog!


Top L-R

Bondi Wash Kennel spray

Best in Park dog collars

Found my Animal bag

Found my Animal collar


Top L-R

Best in Park lead

Bondi Wash Dog wash

Lavish Tails Retro Enamel bowl

Dog Tired bed

IMG_2402Top L-R

Lavish Tails bed

Best in Park bow ties

Found my Animal lead

Alessi Lupita Dog Bowl from David Jones

IMG_1883Sophia the Boston Terrier in case you missed her on Instagram!

daily inspo

Todays daily Inspo from the archives at home with Charles Hinckfuss from MCM House as seen in Real Living Magazine Photo credit Felix Forest

hinkfuss copy 3

these walls

One of the best things I saw at the recent Trade Shows was new business These Walls a wallpaper and textiles company with a unique point of view. Started up by  illustrator Sara Hingle in August last year. I love the playful graphic nature of her designs and there’s no surprise that the Leopard Palm print caught my eye as a standout favourite!


Click here to see more and to buy online (including ready made cushions too)

Photo credit Reuben Gates Styling Bek Sheppard


Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_cushions-in-situs-2 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_cushions-in-situs-4 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_cushions-in-situs-2 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_bedroom-LP01 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_bedroom-LP02 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_cushions-in-situs-2 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_cushions-in-situs-4 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_hanging group 1 Credit Photo Amelia Fullarton_hanging group 2 Credit Styling Bek Sheppard Photo Reuben Gates 01-edit Credit Styling Bek Sheppard Photo Reuben Gates 02-edit