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the little things

Happiness for me is in the details of decoration, Im a collector of objects in my home that tell a story and mean something to me not just stuff

Here are some details of my home…


Read the full article on The Life Instyle blog here

Photo credit Jess Jacob


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george byrne

Local Division

10 – 28 February 2016

Opening 10 February 6-8pm
Olsen Irwin Gallery

I recently met George here in Sydney (but have followed him on instagram for ages) I was instantly drawn to his work. In true coincidence and connectivity we have mutual friends in LA (also coincidentally another favourite artist Paul Davies and his wife Sarah) I love the optimistic, colourful and graphic moments George captures, of course I love LA but there is something magical about his point of view.

George Byrne’s L.A. series ‘Local Division’ resonates with a quiet, deductive intensity. Borrowing from the clean, vivid clarity of modernist painting, he also references the New Topographics photography movement via a subject matter firmly entrenched in the urban everyday. Byrne’s oeuvre is to spin L.A.’s most disposable architecture and redundant landscapes into seismic moments. He seeks the subliminal and sublime in the everyday.

Born in Sydney in 1976, Byrne graduated from Sydney College Of The Arts in 2001, travelled extensively, and then settled in Los Angeles in 2010 where he has been focusing on his photographic practice.

Byrne started using Instagram as a visual scrapbook in 2013, his gallery (@george_byrne) has evolved to become an important and popular extension of his broader art practice reaching over 40,000 followers.

George Byrne photographs Los Angeles in colour, outdoors & usually in blinding sunlight. Figures occasionally float by like ghosts through washed out pastel plains. Streetscapes become two-dimensional, angular cutouts. Shadows dissect. A handrail rests poetically in space by virtue of perspective and its own simple form. For Byrne, any subject matter is fair game so long as it’s conducting light, everything evokes. Composition is king.

Born in Sydney, Byrne graduated from Sydney College Of The Arts in 2001, travelled extensively, and then settled in Los Angeles in 2010. He started out studying painting but in his late teens discovered a love of photography. He says his early creative inspirations came from Pierre Mondrian, Richard Diebenkorn, David Hockney & Jeffrey Smart, all artists who would go on to deconstruct their environments with compositional exactness. Only later did he discover Walker Evan, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Andreas Gursky,

63 Jersey Road Woollahra NSW 2025 Australia | T. (02) 9327-3922 | |

Byrne’s habit is to spin LA’s most disposable architecture and redundant landscapes into seismic moments, he seeks the epic in the everyday and revels in the irony that is beautifying the unbeautiful. His images reflect a sense of stillness often echoed in Edward Hopper’s own investigations into the modern human condition; the ideal vs. the reality, the emptiness that can lie at the heart of a busy modern life, and those questions that often rest uncomfortably between the lines.

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here are two of my favourites from the show

Temple St 2015
147.3 x 119.4cm
archival pigment print
edition of 5 and 2 APs

1. Temple St 2015


Motel Grande 2014
147.3 x 119.4cm
archival pigment print
edition of 5 and 2 APs

2. Motel Grand 2014


my Australia

Recently Condé Nast Traveler declared Australia THE place to travel to in 2016 devoting many of its pages to our sunny shores, we may have known this already but as in all things its always great to be validated! I will share every now and then a few of My Australia (home) favourites right here, these mostly favourite swimming spots below are all walking distance to home, yes we ARE the Lucky Country!

All Photography Mr Jason Grant
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MJG x tiffany & co

Im no fashionista but I do have a particular style. My fashion style is simple, relaxed and classic ok with a few twists and I don’t mind getting dressed up occasionaly !

Im excited to partner with Tiffany & Co the perfect place to splurge on something special, especially with Valentines day approaching…

Shot on location at Tamarama Beach

Watch by Tiffany & Co

MJG also wears Jac and Jack Shirt and Assembly Label Jeans

Styling and Photography Jess Jacob

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happiness at home

Of course as a stylist I love decorating my home with my sense of style which is relaxed and laid back. When creating spaces for my books and magazine editorials I don’t like things too over styled however I do like things to be colourful. It has taken time to create my very own signature style and it is one I am very proud about it  I love creating a happy home read all about it here on The Life Instyle Blog

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qt bondi x messina 2026

The new boutique designer hotel, QT Bondi has joined forces with cult gelato masters, Gelato Messina in a fun and creative collaboration this summer in Bondi.

In keeping with the QT’s quirky and hip personality, QT challenged the gelato wizards at Messina HQ to try and encapsulate the essence of the iconic suburb of Bondi in a single bespoke flavour.

The result, a refreshing and delicious Bondi postcode inspired Coconut & Quinoa Sorbet, titled ‘2026’ featuring roasted coconut and rice milk sorbet, Messina trail mix, Quinoa choc block and yoghurt gel – the flavour is a delightful textural explosion that screams Bondi.

“We’re not known for our sugar free, healthy flavours at Messina – just like QT and Messina’ partnership, it’s more about amazing flavour combos for us,” said Donato Toce, Co-Owner & Head Chef, Gelato Messina. “We’ve experimented with some of the synonymous Bondi ingredients we could think of like quinoa and chia seed, combined them with a roasted coconut sorbet which give the base a lighter texture and smashed them into a Messina flavour. Can’t claim it’s healthy but it tastes pretty darn good.”

The QT Kombi will be popping up again at key locations on this Sunday 24 January and Australia Day, Tuesday 26 Jan 2016. If you happen to be in the area head down to these locations to try it for yourself!

Sunday 24 January
11AM-1.30PM Bondi Farmers’ Market
2PM-5PM The Bucket List Bondi
QT Bondi Beach Road

Australia Day – Tuesday 26 January
Various locations. QT Bondi, Ramsgate Avenue (Let’s go Surfing), Jacques Avenue (Power Living) and Mark’s Park


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the valentine project new collection

Welcome to the daydream. Sweet new bedding designs by The Vallentine Project

Inspired by sleepy daydreams, good books and warm summers these designs feature hand embroidery, soft organic shapes and simple muted colours on 100% linen.

Locally designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia, this latest collection of new pillowcases and doona covers have been crafted using stonewashed linen in light grey, natural and chalk coloured cloth. Flecks of gold embroidery and rustic hand painting add delicate and simple embellishments that will last a lifetime.

Available online here and in-store at the Pop & Scott Showroom

Styling Poppy Lane Photo credit Bobby and Tide

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life instyle happiness edit


It’s often the little things that make me smile, I think happiness can be found in the details. Perhaps a special place, a favourite fragrance, a colour or motif or even just a good nights sleep (in fabulous linen of course). Keep your eyes peeled for the little things that can often make a big difference.

Here is my latest edit as Ambassador for this February Life Instyle

1. Oceans Deep Print // Blacklist
2. Sardines Turkish Napkins // Walter G
3. Celebration Wall Banner // Pony Rider
4. Hand & Body Wash // Myrtle & Moss
5. Krispy Dreme Donut Cushion // SackMe!
6. The Box // Seletti
7. Gardenia Candle // The Luxuriate
8. Lazyville Duvet Cover // Lazybones
9. Playing Cards // Specklefarm
10. Australia Ply Series // Me & Amber


weekend (that was)

OK it’s Tuesday the weekend seems so long ago. Weekends for me are about rest and relaxation – sofa time too, of course I’m never far from the beach or water as it’s my favourite time of the year Summer. I love living in Bondi close to the ocean and I love its mix of architecture – I’m always on the hunt for some quirky/retro architecture and fresh Seafood if I’m lucky is always on the menu!

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the farm byron bay and pampa

Recently I have spent a lot of time in Byron Bay. To be honest I love this beautiful magical place. It’s a special part of Australia where beautiful beaches meet beautiful bushland, it is also is filled with many fabulous places to visit – to shop, eat swim, drink see, do and more. It is also home to some awesome creative types that I have been lucky to meet. Everyone must be familiar with The Farm Byron Bay (definitely worth a visit) by now. Victoria Aguirre one part of Pampa known for their awesome covetable bespoke rugs and textiles and her awesome photography recently captured some new images.

Know previously for her images of Horses from her home country (she is originally from Argentina) I met Her and the other hand of Pampa on a visit to Byron, she has the most wonderful accent which you could listen to all day! this series is from her new home, the first she has shot and exhibited here in Australia, called “Highlanders in the Hinterland”  the exhibition is a study of these beautiful hairy creatures the Scottish Highland Cattle that call The Farm Byron Bay home.

The exhibition is on at The Farm Byron Bay until 31st January if you’re lucky enough to be in the area

Click here to read more

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