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The Atlantic Capri Expedia Bondi Wash Milk Blu Dot

page thirty three – tactile equations

TACTILE EQUATIONS by Page Thirty Three
Utilitarian objects become modern day monoliths with Page thirty Three’s new collection Tactile Equations as they explore the geometry of sculpture, and the act of daily ritual.
Each piece has a scultpural aesthetic, which seeks to evolve the cultural hieracrchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to
give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual.
Just as ancient cutlures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Tactile Equations seek’s to bring this to
our modern world.
Page Thirty Three’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to finish the
piece. This personalisation enhances the emotional connection between user and object.

Tactile Equations collection includes: The Stratosphere Lamp, The Super Structure Oil Burner, The Void Insence Burner, The Zigzag Table & Interlock Candle Holders in Brass.

Click here to learn more

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shibori collab candle with palm beach collection

My friends at Palm Beach Collection and Shibori have teamed up also to create a signature limited edition candle. With Top notes of Citrus & Bergamot. Mid notes of Rosewood, Violet & Cyclamen. Base Notes of Cedarwood, Amber & Wood.

Click here to buy

Styled by Mr Jason Grant Photography Philip Le Masurier

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spring things

Spring is here and right now I’m loving a little bit of pink and blue, here are some of my latest finds…


Back Ground through out Artist Canvas from Bondi Road Art Supplies

Tulips The Flower Drum

Washi Tape Paper 2

Shades of Blue swatches from Murobond (Wonderland)

FullSizeRender copy 2

Happy plate Astier de Villatte

Blue Lagoon candle (and box)  tete a tete incendere

FullSizeRender copy 3

Tulpis The Flower Drum

Vase Jardan

Blues L-R Morning – Wonderland – Gull all Murobond

FullSizeRender copy 4

MJG Palm Beach Collection Collab Candle Sea Stars

FullSizeRender copy 5

Cactus Gunn and Jackson

FullSizeRender copy 6

Paper Straws Susty Party

Cup Sylist own from Fishs Eddy

FullSizeRender copy 7

100% Trays Bludot

Marble object West Elm

Bronze Mini Kiss (Lips) Kelly Wearstler

Ceramic Dog Scout House

FullSizeRender copy

Small Bowl DEA Store

Large Bowl Mud Australia

The forty nine studio Plate Jardan

Gold Cutlery West Elm

FullSizeRender copy 8


Gym Towel Sheridan

Body Products Frank Body

mark collis art

I love a colourful discovery – Today Im sharing the work of Artist Mark Collis

Pictured here are some of his limited edition, works, of course Bondi caught my eye! I love his colourful, simple, graphic and uplighting energy of his work click here to see and learn more


5153 Bondi5152 Green Peg5151 Box Hole5148 FAQ5150 Building # 35147 Blue Peg

the apartment collection by jardan

Jardan a one of the leaders in locally made and designed quality furniture, As part of Sydney Indesign, Jardan released their latest collection The Apartment Collection.

The collection has a distinct focus on small footprint living, lets be honest we don’t all have huge homes! also combining an eclectic selection of materials to create inherently unique pieces.

The standout pieces for me are the Rufus Sofa and armchair upholstered in Denim and I LOVE it!

The Apartment Collection is an exploration into modern living, seeking out ways of creating unique, versatile and personal environments within the confines of smaller spaces.

Head in store to one of the Jardan showroom or check out the rest of the collection online


Jardan_Rufus Chair Denim Jardan_Rufus Sofa DenimJardan_Rufus Sofa Denim (2)

ritual by page thirty three

Ritual is the latest addition to the unique collection that is Page Thirty Three (local favourites of mine)

Im loving their evolution and pared back signature creative style. Bianca and Ryan the duo behind the brand work hard at creating something unique and special, I love the update to their marble oil burner and the new  tripod oil burner.

Click here to see their new catalogue and more of their cool collection


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kelly wearstler via vogue living

It’s no secret Im a big fan of USA design powerhouse Kelly Wearstler the queen of Style. I love the brand she has created an inspiration to create my own. She works across, interiors, design, books and products a total inspiration!

heres a little video insight into her world via Vogue Living and My Domaine



ikea 2015 catalogue

It’s in your mailbox and in store soon here in Australia, here I share a preview of The Ikea 2015 catalogue and some of my favourite pages.

Its no secret I love colour and adding a splash of my favourite shade, just as much as bringing the outdoors in I love plants – Ikea  also are a fan of both of these favourites of mine and heres proof!

Head inshore or online Launching September 1st


5yW6CZ6h3h-u-IuMUAq_ApYkuAMqta5n6wTN2HgXTwE,vdXIAYwOwyxIYCWRvhvVa4axH_0jIs-NvWBehlDfkRM,sakY1hDDaMYXQ5Cw-2SWQ3lar2VzVyrHzMX7o_uuBHw Al2_BQg1fkkL_CoLtXbKPCs4Ih6Bc3V7aEI2sqNvpgo,dGOgp81nVfyqEEYtYERISGvwSjBOX0pB22-6rvNUI3U,NOuXR5rKX5qQ6ZIRNWZTJD6p9qtBy9oG-UEQTTfuREk

issy by zuster for reece bathrooms

In an exciting collaboration, Reece has teamed up with Australian design brand, Zuster, who have expanded their furniture design empire into the bathroom with a bespoke furniture collection for the bathroom. Bringing the Zuster signature style into the bathing space, the ISSY by Zuster collection represents Zuster’s first foray into the bathroom and offers users a fresh and inspired approach to beauty, style and luxury in the bathroom.

ISSY by Zuster encompasses two fully customisable designs, the Z1 Ballerina vanity and Z8 Butterfly bathroom collection. Conceived by the famed Zuster sisters, Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel,

Z1 Ballerina and Z8 Butterfly feature a “dream list” of bathroom luxuries designed especially for beauty and personal grooming.

According to Reece Bathroom Business Manager, Daniela Santilli, ISSY by Zuster is a break-through for the bathroom.

“It is a collection that has been designed by women for women and addresses all those special details we love about indulgent hotel bathrooms and crave for our own living space,” said Santilli. “Zuster brings those added touches of luxury into the home bathroom with beautiful, bespoke elements and high quality finishes.

“ISSY by Zuster is also designed for comfort and convenience with a compact and fully customisable design. The range addresses all the essential functions of a bathroom, while elevating it beyond the everyday with a series of cleverly integrated features.”

Styling Bree Leech Photography Mike Baker

Here is a preview of whats to come in September – start planning your new bathroom with this in mind ( on your mood board) I have never been so excited about the bathroom before!


Rn5ViwMcfxnZGzdWsYohCylnLMDltHitpmdWvxhd1nk HsBvYk4T2rrVsWbYYwIOv_2Mf8GYDOGhPr9MVV0WjyQ Vrk42RNutcYv95geO37Vo1LU6yfr77NiOD4RDws6JlI PigIXXil28hO3bkiXa6g2mDrwH-gzydubz1e61QtFDYn0JP1EGUuj5gDIDDNPHBQdpU0qrhjEoFlE1d7n8npeM



hang it macrame plant hangers

Im loving these modern day Macrame plant hangers from Hang it with a fun pop of dip dyed colour click here to see more

IMG_4926_grande IMG_4993_grande IMG_5020_grande