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living the dream

photo 2Today I am channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw – well the writer / author  in New York bit anyway ( I don’t have a shoe shopping habit but my boyfriend certainly does!) as i write an article for Expedia Travel and proof pages for my next book due for release worldwide in September. EXCITING!

The whole city feels like a movie or TV show is weird but totally wonderful!




loving nyc

photo 2


Im loving it here in New York! Today I have a meeting with the awesome team from Rizzoli Books to discuss plans for the release of my next book in the USA very exciting!

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hello from nyc

photo 2photo 1

sunday style

blush-worthy shades of nude in Sunday style today


la la land

Loving it in LA! Bondi to Beverly Hills our Holiday of a Life Time! loving The Beverly Hills Hotel!

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palm springs

Palm Springs and The Ace Hotel are Awesome! Best Holiday ever!

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loving la part three

photo copy 21 Venice was one of my favourite spots Abbott Kinney Boulevard really felt like home – Just like Bondi the minute you step away from the beach and the tourists there is a while new world and cool local neighbourhood to discover!

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setting the table for freedom

Setting the table for Freedom

loving la part two

So excited to see My Book A Place called Home in store at Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble totally awesome!!

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loving la part one

photo copy 6photo 3 Loving LA Bondi to Beverly Hills all the way!

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