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book signing

Come say this Thursday

Table Tonic Avalon 
Shop 6
20 Avalon Parade
Avalon NSW 2107

Jason Grant Book SIgning 1 copy

catapult design new showroom

Catapult Design is a brand new Sydney Furniture showroom representing emerging and Australian designers, founded by Leigh Johnson and Aaron Zorzo Catapult has a focus on timeless design. Head in to see a great edit of furniture, accessories and lighting.

Catapult Design shop 40 Bourke Street end of Kings Lane Darlinghurst (Republic Complex)

Photography Tom Ferguson


bassike melbourne flagship store

Bassike is one of my favouruite go to Australian brands, in fact i live in their stuff often. They  have opened their latest store (just yesterday) Their Melbourne Flagship store is now open and suitably it is located in a cool inner city lane way.

The store was Designed by Akin Creative the space was intentionally designed to have a residential feel with furniture and fixtures sourced and custom built especially.

Bassike Melbourne City 1-3 Rankin Lane Melbourne (off Little Bourke Street)

bassike_melbcity_1 bassike_melbcity_4 bassike_melbcity_5 bassike_melbcity_lane

r u ok day



Today is R U OK Day

Depression isn’t a dirty word It’s ok to say you’re not ok – Talk to your friends and loved ones you are not alone!

What do I do when I’m feeling a little down?  I let someone know, ask for a hug, make a banana smoothie, turn up the music or go for a walk, sometimes it the little things that can help but never ignore the problem.

Help your friends and check in with them – Talking helps


thanks cleo magazine

THANKS for featuring Holiday at Home Cleo Magazine


quick questions with jonathan adler

Jonathan Adler is like no other. I love his playful and colourful signature style, along with his enthusiasm, it seems He is unstoppable. He and his collection are fun and full of personality, just the way I like it! I am excited that Jonathan took the time answer a few quick questions and to give us an insight into his world.

photo 2 copy

The entire Jonathan Adler available in Australia from Coco Republic

Where do you live?

In Greenwich Village.
How would you describe the look of your home?

Hmmmmm…….  Eccentric Glamour.
What is your favourite thing in your home?

Oy vay.  Tough question for a maker/collector/possible hoarder.  I reckon my fave thing is a fantastic painting from 1972 by Ed Paschke (a brilliant American painter.  If you don’t know his work, google it.  You’ll j’adore it, I promise!) of Funk Icon Sly Stone that originally hung in the Playboy Mansion.  On a less haute note (but still staying in the Funk Icon realm), my other favorite thing is a plaster bust of Michael Jackson, circa Thriller–epaulets and red glitter–that we bought at the flea market for $20.  It’s sublime.

What do you collect?

I collect glass heads by Rainbow Glass Company, an American 60s concern and horological collages of antique cars.
What are you loving right now?

Brass.  Brass brass and more brass.


Coffee tea or?

Tea tea and more tea.  Believe it or not, I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life.  And I’m married to a Brit so the kettle is always on and we bicker like typical English folk over whose turn it is to make the next cuppa.

What is on your shopping list?

I’m not comfortable in my own home if there’s not a roast chicken, an apple pie, and blueberries in the fridge.

Favourite thing to do on the weekend?

I live to paddleboard.  We have a fab house in the Hamptons that’s on the water and I get on my board and go for hours and am never happier.

Favourite street to shop in?

East 10th Street in New York is incredible.  It’s a one block long promenade of the best antiques shops in the world.

Favourite day of the week?

Obviously it’s Saturday.

Favourite place to shop?

Tokyo!  I’m not the tallest person on earth and the clothes in Japan fit me perfectly.  I’m always wowed by the genius of Japanese creativity.

Favourite place to eat?

Sant Ambroeus in the West Village is my cosy local.  It’s low key and casual and chic and there’s always a good celeb sighting to be had.

What is your signature dish?

Hate to sound too virtuous, but I love nothing more than grilled bronzino with a side of asparagus.

What is your signature drink?

I’m glad you asked.  I am trying (in vain) to have a drink named after me.  The Jonathan Adler is iced tea with milk instead of lemon.  Most people are put off by it but I beg you to try it and, next time you go into your local watering hole, ask for it by name.  Please help me in my effort!

Favourite holiday destination?

Easy.  Capri is my favorite holiday destination.  If heaven exists, it’ll look like Capri.

What are you reading?

Just finished The Dinner by Herman Koch and am about to start Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water.

What are you listening to?

Embarrassingly, I have the musical tastes of a 12 year old girl.  It’s all Ke$ha and Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea all the time.

What are you working on right now?

As soon as I finish typing this interview I’m gonna’ head into the pottery studio where I’m working on a collection of giant pots inspired by hand grenades.  Hand grenades are quite beautiful.

What/who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by my husband Simon Doonan.  Aside from being the handsomest and grooviest dude ever, Simon is also the most creative.  20 years in and he still constantly surprises me.  I pray that he doesn’t read this interview as I try very hard never to compliment him lest he get a swelled head.

What makes you happy?

Making stuff.

leila jefferys “prey”

Photographer Leila Jefferys is the self proclaimed “bird lady” her images are magical and captivating and her latest exhibition is something special.

Described best in her own words “For the past two years I have been drowning in feathers, fascinated by talons and been completely enamoured with the birds I have met”

“Prey ” featuring Australian birds of prey opens today at the Olsen Irwin Gallery and must be seen in person.

Olsen Irwin Gallery 63 Jersey Road Woollahra click here for more details


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mjg books – signed author copies

I love creating Books and sharing my style and journey with you…

You can now buy ( signed copies) of both my books A Place called Home and Holiday at Home

Click here to buy Books here from my Gift Shop


thanks belle magazine

Thanks to the awesome team at Belle Magazine for including my new Book Holiday at Home this month!



melbourne vip holiday at home launch

Thanks everyone who came to our Melbourne launch at Scout in St Kilda

Thanks again To Mini Australia for the wheels whilst in Melbourne, Capi for the awesome drinks and Magnum for special #Magnum25 Silver salted caramel icecreams!



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