MJG x Surface Society x Nikau

All about last night

We joined forces to showcase my “New Paradise” tile collection (created partnership with Di Lorenzo Tiles) in Byron Bay with Surface Society at Nikau Store

Drinks by Brookies Gin and Concrete sinks by Slabshapers

Thanks friends new and old for all coming along and showing your support and making for an awesome evening

Thanks JG

Photos Jason Grant

rope bouy

Everyone knows I love a little bit of nautical (done well)
So it’s no surprise im loving the newly launched Rope Bouy a collection of things woven from old crayfish ropes (so clever) their hanging basket pictured
Favourite house plant from Nikau Store

read the (Atlantic) drift

Everyone knows how much I love the Atlantic Byron Bay

Read the first “People of the Atlantic” interview on “The Drift” to hear about my connection to this place, its people and a few of my favourite local favourites

click here to read my interview

new work for slabshapers

New work for local legends Slabshapers

Check out their latest colour ” Nautical” Blue ( yes of course I love this shade) in their range of custom made concrete products

Styling and Photography Jason Grant

Behind the scenes with Sheridan

Photo shoots for big brands are… well BIG!

Weeks of planning and preparation, meetings, locations scouting, props sourcing and praying for good weather (especially when you are shooting summer in winter)

Early starts, lots of coffee, lots of beds, linen and pillows and more and an awesome crew and assistants make for a great day and an awesome result.

Here’s a little behind the scenes look for recent work with Sheridan

Black and white vibe

Currently preferring things to be tonal, simple, vintage, found, its all about edited collections… Less is totally more not sure if Im calling this Man Style? Tough Luxe or Amish Minimalism? Either way I’m love this pared back vibe.

Jai Vasicek “Henna”

Check out “Henna” the latest exhibition by Jai Vasicek (my favourite so far) Im loving this colour palette and the added layers and details of these works.

Online and at his Byron Gallery too

Charlie Green Studio Collection 2

Here’s your first look at Charlie Green Studios second Collection “Sunburnt”

These are watercolour artworks beautifully printed on acid free, archival standard, textured paper 285gsm and laser cut to achieve the finest finish, framed in Birch ply timber, high quality acrylic, they look great on any wall!

click here to view the collection and to buy

Photo and Styling Jason Grant

Bondi Wash Glass

My friends at Bondi Wash are trialling glass bottles (for their hand wash) instead of plastic – every little bit helps right!

click here to buy

Pink Sink Slabshapers

air BNB master class

I love Instagram (most of the time) its an easy way often to meet like minded people from all over the place

For me its always been about finding and creating my own unique style top this off with a unique experience and you’re on to a winner,

Just to remind you I was born in Tasmania 

Captains Rest is one beautiful and perfectly decorated space, owner Sarah Andrews knows how to create an awesome place  and yes you can stay here! I haven’t as yet but Im planning to do so in the next few months, I mean just check out this place!

Its always been about learning from the experts ( really its simple right) so here is you chance, Sarah is holding a heap of workshops so you can learn all her tricks and tips to running an awesome and in demand Air BNB

click here to book