luggage – put your name on it

I love making things easier, just by having your name on something makes things so much easier right! just like this custom suitcase from The Daily Edited super easy to spot with my name on it after you land at the airport!


winter vibes wearing McTavish



We can’t rely on our government here in Australia and sadly in many other countries across the globe

We need to be the change 

Let’s get woke and whist we are at it let’s all be a little kinder to each other, despite all of our differences we are all human and all equal

Let’s stop being so destructive 

I’ve always been one to focus on solutions rather than problems

Let’s all do more, learn more and care more!

Action is required 

Plant a tree or a million

Eat less meat or better still become vegan

Be more thoughtful about what you consume

Try to reduce what you buy and your waste

Invest in things that last quality over quantity

Stop using single use plastics

Put it in the bin especially your dirty cigarettes!

For fuck sake sit down and have your coffee or bring your own cup

Mining, fishing, farming, logging and poaching are altering the world at unprecedented rates

Let’s be considerate to all that inhabit the earth

Small changes matter and add up if we all band together – we can be resilient

It’s time be be disruptive

I don’t have all the answers but im looking for solutions to make a difference

It’s time for us all to do our best


Time flies it’s been 5 years today with Sophia since we drove all the way from Sydney to Sale in Victoria (9 hours!)

She is the best dog ever!


Not everything needs to cost a lot, some of the best things are found treasures, case in point these branches I have collected recently usually on a Sunday walk in my neighbourhood.

Found, collected, thoughtfully but together no over stying here! less is more so keep it simple!

favorite corner

detail at home


Monday feels…

at home with the good light

HAPPY Birthday to me

IKEA + you Makeover

IKEA + you Before and after makeover

I love this make over by IKEA Australia

Living in a share house for 10 plus years it was time (well actually way overdue) for an an update for David and Curtis ( winners from the Tempe store) and the timing could not have been more right to create a new bedroom space for these two. A bedroom is a very important space, you go to sleep here and wake up here it has a huge impact on your mood and day and this clever and cool update creates a fresh new space for this inner city couple to have their very own sanctuary.

Responding to David and Curtis  needs for more storage, well actually storage that works and satisfies their needs makes all the different in their space, a place for everything and everything in its place!

I love how the team embrace the peach walls by coordinating modern solutions that complement the space  ( no need to paint over these they just need a little push in the right direction)  by adding new elements that showcase key sentimental items all making the space feel fresh and new.

tip add elements of colour with a nod to midcentury and embrace the retro feel. Work with house plants to enhance this look.

Sometimes the best makeovers are ones that are simple and make your space work and feel better



electrolux pure f9

New work for Electrolux – talking about my style…