office works

MrJasonGrant has teamed up with Officeworks to create a beautiful home office catalogue. Shooting with Melbourne based photographer Derek Swalwell (pictured below) at his brand new studio it was a fun shoot. Proving that simplicity and style is all you need to have a beautiful and functional work space at your place. Click here to see more or head in store.

PS all the WONDERFUL chairs seen throughout are from a MrJasonGrant all time favourite Thonet.


  1. Nice work MrJasonGrant. Love the utilitatian spaces you’ve created even more so because they are created with accessible products x

  2. places with shabby bricks showing that still achieve fresh & clean are my fave
    ~was admiring the chairs as well !

  3. You mentioned the beautiful Thonet chairs, can you please tell me where the simple white desk came from? Thanks. S.

  4. Looks amazing Jason! I love your post-it heart to pieces.

  5. we used the same white desk in all the shots- its from office works!!

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