good vibes yoga

Melbourne mega babe and Artist Kirra Jamison has just opened her very own (dream) yoga space Good Vibes Yoga is a lesson in simplicity and great design, I love the parred back space, minimal but inviting interior with its soft colour palette and natural elements along with the addition of numerous indoor plants, I love it! I can’t wait to squeeze in a class when I next have time in Melbourne (soon I promise) Congrats on and awesome achievement!

Click here to learn more or to see the class timetable


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daily inspo

Todays inspiration Artist and friend of mine Kirra Jamison‘s Home as featured in Inside Out Magazine Photograghy Derek Swalwell



My friend Artist Kirra Jamison in studio painting with new colour “Kirra” from my Murobond Colour Memory collection

photo 2

kirra jamison – opening night

Kirra Jamison’s first Sydeny solo showed opened last night at Gaffa click her for more details its on for 10 days and not to be missed!

photo copy 12

photo copy 16photo copy 14

kirra jamison sydney exhibition

MJG has a total colour crush on Artist and friend Kirra Jamison. Her Vibrant, colourful and upbeat artworks would be right at home at his place and are high on his wish list – seen below in her Melbourne studio.

Kirra has her first Sydney solo show opening next week, it’s sure to be wonderful and well worth a look.

Gaffa Project

11-20 July Gaffa Gallery 281 Clarence Street Sydney more details here