belynda henry exhibition at koskela

Artist Belynda Henrys exhibition “Higher” opens at Kosleka March 14th Her  acrylic, abstract landscapes use Cezanne-like blocks of colour to construct the rolling forms of the Dooralong Valley, NSW – her home. I love her colour palette of soy and bold shades with the organics shapes, be sure to pop this in your diary! click here for full details


rachel castle at koskela

Head in to Koskela this weekend to see Rachel Castles latest exhibition – Im a big fan of her colourful, graphic, upbeat works…

Koskela 85 Dunning Ave Rosebery NSW




sydney media/vip launch holiday at home

Thanks to everyone who can to the Sydney Media/VIP launch for Holiday at Home, Thanks to Koskela for hosting, Capi for the awesome drinks, Magnum for the limited edition Silver(salted caramel) ice creams  and La Tessa Photograghy for all the photos, it was a great night and I feel very lucky thanks for the support!



koskela garage sale

Koskela are having a grange sale! a I tell you it is NOT to be missed click here for full details or follow them here on Instagram for the latest.

Koskela 85 Dunning Ave Rosebery



bondi wash

Im excited to share the first new post for 2014 especially as it is a local one from Bondi!

Late last year my styling services were booked by the team at Folke, when they mentioned the clients name Bondi Wash my ears pricked up (as you could imagine) I had no idea of the brand but after a briefing was excited to help create some magic. On the day of the Shoot I meet Belinda Everingham (also a Bondi local) the shoot I had been booked for was to create images for her brand new business Bondi Wash.

Working with a client to create images that reflect their brand is always exciting, especially for the first time. It’s important to assess what they want to be – their look and feel and to not impose my own style. On the day of the shoot I worked with Belinda, Photographer Josiah Sciasia and the team from Folke to create images to launch this exciting new brand and I believe we captured some beautiful images that really to reflect Belinda and her brand, natural, local and lovely.

I’m a big fan of local and small independant businesses supporting these people is important to me, they are excited and passionate about what they do and I love to share with you about them.

I try to share/style products that I like but in this case it was love at first sight.

Bondi Wash create locally made all natural and chemical free products to clean with at Home, including a Floor Wash, Hand Wash, Bench Spray and a Room Mist. All ingredients are sourced locally by Belinda who works from here home here in Bondi all products contain Australian Essential Oils with antibactirial properties .

To be honest cleaning products don’t generally excite me but I have used these products in my own home and the results are great as is the fact they are all natural and chemical free. Using ingredients such as Lemon Tea Tree, Mandarin, Sydney Peppermint, Rosemary, Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender they also smell great!

The Bondi Wash range is currently available inshore and online at Girl and Graaf and Koskela


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beci orpin at koskela

To celebrate her new book HOME my friend and fellow Hardie Grant Author Beci Orpin is heading to Koskela in Sydney

Join this super cool crafter for her Cork Coaster Workshop

Saturday 26th October 12.30 – 2.30pm (age 16+)
Cost: $70.00: all materials provided
Book Online Here

And her forever Cactus Workshop

Saturday 26th October 1o.00 – 12.00pm (age 16+)
Cost: $70.00: all materials provided
Book Online Here


Using cutting, masking and painting techniques, along with inspiration from Beci and her colourful and fun world – create your own set of hand-made cork coasters.

In conjunction with her exhibition ‘Colour Assembly I‘ (14 September – 27 October), Beci will also be launching her latest book ’HOME’ at Koskela on Sunday 27 October.  2 – 3.30pm to celebrate, purchase a signed copy of the book, and catch one last glimpse of the exhibition before it closes.


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mjg’s house as seen in sunday style

MJG’s house as seen in this weekends Sunday Style Magazine

Images James Geer

SSM02JUN13p040MYSPACE1 copySSM02JUN13p041MYSPACE2 copy copy


i love enamelware!

MJG loves summer and isn’t such a big fan of winter but when the weather is cold He loves a hearty, home cooked meal – comfort foods, you really can’t beat a Bread and Butter Pudding or a classic Roast in winter right?! and what better way to prepare and serve it but with enamelware. Falcon Enamelware made the best and have so since the 1920s its really a British classic and very Jamie Oliver too! MJG loves the classic blue rim and his collection is growing.

Falcon Enamelware available from the following

In store or online at Girl and Graaf

In store at Koskela (you may have eaten off it at Kitchen by Mike also)

Online at Vintage and Nostalgia

falcon-bake-set-cooking_1024x1024 falcon-pie-set-cooking_1_1024x1024 falcon-prep-set-cooking_1024x1024

koskela loves leila

MJG loves Sydney Artist Leila Jeffreys and her awesome work – well known for her portraits of iconic Australian bird life, you can currently see her works gracing the walls at Koskela – seems they are rather taken by her work too!

Koskela 85 Dunning Ave Rosebery

Thanks Leila and Kristen for the image


wool week

Campaign for wool Celebrates Wool Week in conjunction with a number of retail store to put wool under the spotlight with some very cool displays. Click here for more details or visit the showrooms to take a look for yourself.


Wool Week 2013Wool Week 2013



Wool Week 2013Wool Week 2013

Designer Rugs

Wool Week 2013Wool Week 2013

Orson and Blake

Wool Week 2013Wool Week 2013