soft under foot

Its getting a little colder, so its time to get cosy at home, but don’t forget about whats underfoot. A rug is one of the best things you can invest in,  your feet will thank you especially in winter, patterned, neural, ethic or colourful theres a rug perfect for your space.

When choosing a rug think about the rest of your space a rug can set the tone of a room, its like an artwork for your floor

Heres three rugs from Early Settler their second collection of rugs called “welcome home”  featuring some current trends Modern Moroccan, Bohemian, Art Deco, Natural, Botanical and Luxe.

Heres three that I have styled up to inspire you to try in your space! don’t underestimate how a rug can transform a space!

Photography and Styling Jason Grant  

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The best advise when buying a rug, buy the biggest rug you can afford!

Geo Shaded Dimaond hand tufted Rug

Marrakesh Trellis Hand Tufted Rug

Linear Hand Tufted Blue Rug

new from Tigmi

Recently Tigmi Trading teamed up with the iconic Rae’s resort on Wategos beach in Byron Bay to shoot their latest campaign shoot. The Byron landmark has recently had a facelift by renowned interior designer Tamsin Johnson and the result is stunning example of simple, understated luxury. The perfect hideaway for anyone visiting the area. The only problem was leaving….. 
Photos Alicia Tayor

Pampa new showroom

My friends at Pampa have a brand new ( Byron Bay) showroom of their very own – Head here for beautiful photographic prints, rugs and textiles from Argentina and much more. The Pampa team is led by Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson, two photographers – one from Argentina, the other from Australia – who share two worlds, two visions and two cultures. Their store is filled with beautiful things showcased in simplicity. Head in when next in Byron Bay…


Unit 1, 12 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay,

NSW, 2481, Australia

02 6685 6302

new from tigmi trading

You gotta love a good rug – I certainly do! a floor rout can make a room and set the tone, it can be an artwork underfoot and Tigmi Trading have the good rugs (trust me I am lusting after number of them)

Their beautiful and unique rugs that they source from around the world are like no other, a collection of beautiful treasures for your floor and feet!

Im loving this latest collection shot at Seahawk

Check out their collection online or at Newrybar merchants

Photos Alicia Taylor

Tigmi Trading Turkish Hemp Kilim Tigmi Trading Turkish Hemp Kilim Tigmi Trading Turkish Hemp Kilim Tigmi Trading Turkish Hemp Kilim Tigmi Trading Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug Tigmi Trading Moroccan Boujad Rug Tigmi Trading Moroccan Boujad Rug Tigmi Trading Moroccan Boujad Rug Tigmi Trading Moroccan Boujad Rug Tigmi Trading Moroccan Boujad Rug Tigmi Trading Turkish Hemp Kilim

shibori collezione

It is well-known that the ancient dye technique of Shibori is making a monumental comeback in the modern home. With graceful and delicate hues, Shibori patterns have adorned many surfaces, from wallpaper to cushions.
The resist dye technique, perfected in Shibori’s Sydney studio, has been used successfully across a range of projects from commercial to fashion. Tappeti brings the highly artisanal process to the realm of commercial and residential interior design by offering a range of captivating rugs that are exclusive to this partnership between Tappeti and Shibori

Artisan-crafted – from Sydney to New Delhi
Pepa Martin and Karen Davis, founders of Shibori, played a major role in revitalising the ancient technique of Shibori and bring a distinctive take to the craft from the dye-pots of their Sydney studio.

“When it came to adding rugs to our collection it was a no brainer that we went with Tappeti as their existing collections are of such high quality and strong design. We love that the company and product that has the capacity to supply existing stock as well as offering a full customized approach”
– Pepa and Karen (Shibori)

Each design for the collection was hand dyed by Shibori and interpreted by Tappeti’s in-house textile designers into arrangements of colour and texture, true to the original.
The intricate designs were then passed onto Tappeti’s artisan craftsmen, and each creation was brought to life using the age-old, hand processes of rug making.

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