Loving this cool cart from the Beach People perfect to lug everything around, including Sophia.

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Photo and Styling Jason Grant

Eucalyptus by the Beach People

Loving the all white cotton / tencel bedding part of the eucalyptus sheet range from The Beach people

( and so does Sophia )

Photo and styling Jason Grant

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Bed head Byron Bay Hanging chairs

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Loving the all white cotton / tencel bedding part of the eucalyptus sheet range from @thebeachpeople ( and so does Sophia ) photo and styling @mrjasongrant #stylist

Bed head @byronbayhangingchairs

#bostonterrier #thebeachpeople

the beach people volume 2

The Beach People (whom I recently met whilst in Byron Bay) have a brand new collection. Yes more awesome round towels!

They tell me this collection was inspired by seas near and far; from the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea comes ‘The Santorini’, from the seaside port in the Hamptons with it’s native American name comes ‘The Montauk’, from the aqua waters set against the tropical jungle we bring you ‘The Tulum’, from the pebbled coast under the heat of the southern French sun comes ‘The Paloma’ and from our favourite local spot at Fingal Head, NSW comes ‘The Dreamtime’.

These towels are designed to whisk you of to these dreamy locations in your mind and are the perfect companion for your next seaside or poolside adventure, be it Bondi, Byron, Bali, Beverly Hills or where ever you choose!

With creative direction and styling by our dear friend Sheree from Captain and the Gypsy kid who’s aesthetic feels like home to us after our Cote d’azure photography collaboration. It was an easy choice to let her take our range across the Pacific to the one and only (you guessed it) Tulum, Mexico.

Set against the backdrop of the Coqui Coqui luxury resort and perfumerie, it’s name; one word repeated twice has had us weak at the knees for a few years so it was a dream come true to have our humble Roundies photographed at possibly the most beautiful location in Mexico.

Modelled by the nomadic story-teller Hanalei Reponty, relaxed and hanging with locals, sauntering around the stone walls of the Coqui Coqui, riding in the back of trucks full of local produce. The results are feast of gorgeous images for our eyes and of course we would just love to share the full shoot with you below…

Photo Credit Captain and the Gypsy Kid

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new from the beach people

OK so the weather has turned and it feels like we are back to winter (again) but summer is coming!

I love The Beach People the makers of The Original Round Towel. Their latest limited edition towel “Palm Springs ” has a distinct tribal feel. So it was only fitting for them to shoot this in at The Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs – one of my all time favourite places – if you haven’t been its a must vist and only a short drive from Los Angles, it truly is an amazing place – just like this towel!

Photography Yoon Kim

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the beach people – the original round towel


Summer may have temporarily left us ( the skies are certainly not blue here in Sydney at the moment) but I intend to keep the summer vibes alive. The Beach People and their original round (roundie) towels are a twist on the usual beach towel for summer and totally awesome!

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Their 4 designs are in store plus more click here

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the beach people

Let’s be perfectly honest – those who know me well know I have a slight obsession with Beach Towels. I love them and I have plenty but can’t help myself Im always on the look out. I just discovered this very cool (round ) beach towel from The Beach People

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